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Monday, October 1, 2012

Rachel Berry back in California already

The dethroned Miss Oregon posted a new video reel here in early August. Sources tell us that she's been back living in southern California with her sister for more than a month now. Her time in Oregon was certainly brief; she was gone about a month after she resigned.

Meanwhile, the real Miss Oregon, Nichole Mead, is keeping busy with her duties. We applaud her.

Comments (5)

Back to So Cal just in time for winter. That's a real Oregonian for you.

Actually, it was just in time for fall.

Are you sure that's not Newport, Oregon?

I'm sure she said she was from Oregon.

To So Cal girls like her, October in Oregon is winter. She couldn't have known it would be so gorgeous in Octobet when she left in August. I wonder if she broke her lease or maybe she was going month to month.

Well of course she moved back to California. To quote a friend of mine who moved down there 5+ years ago "California Money is better then Oregon money, in fact we will never consider moving back our Quality of Life is so much better here, because we can afford to live better". The Lesson here is that yes it costs more to live there but you earn enough more to live better.

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