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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Proud Mary keep on burnin'

We got some election porn yesterday from the Mary Nolan camp. It was an odd size -- folded out in three parts to 9-by-24 -- and so it's tough to scan. But here's the general idea:

It's funny that Nolan says there's "one clear choice," but then quotes Willy Week, which jumped ship and endorsed her opponent, Amanda Fritz, in the runoff election.

But we gotta hand it to Nolan -- she's got a card that no one has else has played. Yes, I'm talking about the 2 of Obamas:

Overall, it looks kind of Wiener-esque, but it's tired Wiener-esque. For all the money Nolan got to burn from her buds in the Goldschmidt Party, she's put on a pretty tepid campaign.

Comments (20)

WTF did they photoshop out of her hands in that weird childrens' mod playground diversity clustershot? Can't wait to see the list of guesses pile up here!

I'll start it off: A bouquet of poison ivy & nettles.

You can't go to a single Mary Nolan event without her peppering mention of her "teenage Latino daughter."

Wiener to Nolan: "We lost this one. But, listen. I got this cute African kid that Brangelina passed on. Cute kid. He could take you to the governor's mansion."

IN looking at the Nolan flyer you posted and others receved here, I am struck by the really extraordinary lengths Nolan is going to spin the newspaper endorsements debacle she generated for herself.

In my view, its important to note just how far a candidate will go to stretch those newspaper quotes -- Nolan's use of them is flatly dishonest.

IF NOlan will lie like that (or like Sam) to get elected, its a damn good indicator that Nolal will lie the same way if she is chosen to govern.

I have lots of disagreements with Fritz, and Amanda is not above spinning stuff, but in my view, Fritz doesn't tell anywhere near the number of whoppers that Nolan does.

That, among other things, made my choice in that race easy.

I know that bothering to put any effort into dressing up is a sign of deep frivolity in Portland, as well as a quenching of the I-gotta-be-me spirit ... but that's what you wear to meet the President and First Lady? Really?

Mary Nolan is the Democratic party, union backed establishment candidate. They have been determined to get rid of Fritz since she was elected. They don't like the fact that she was elected under VOE. They don't like the fact that she's not one of the club.

Even though we are way off politically, Steve Novick strikes me as an independent thinker. If he were the party establishment choice he would be in the Senate now instead of Merkely. With both he and Fritz on the council you will have a pretty good counterbalance to any triumverate with the ability to swing a third vote. If you replace Fritz with Nolan, that counterbalance is gone.

Steve Novick strikes me as an independent thinker?

The guy that Randy hand-picked and whose main economic plan is more parking meters? An independent thinker would imply original thoughts.

Fritz seems to be the only one not in lock step with the public employees. She's just a wild card.

Boy, am I ever tired of Barack's grin and Michelle's arms. Give them a freaking rest, already.

Bubbles coming from mouths could be interesting.

Candidate Nolan: "I, I, my lips are splitting...they're splitting, take the picture before I pass out..!!!..."

Candidate Obama: "seriously, look how relaxed I am...there's no way I'm the worst president in living history..."

Michelle: "just one big happy family...especeially once we solve the civil rights issue of our generation, you, know, voter disenfranchisement..."

Teen: "seriously, this is so ridiculous...are we done now?"

Boy, am I ever tired of Barack's grin and Michelle's arms. Give them a freaking rest, already.

Yes, a president who smiles while having his picture taken is simply an abomination.

Yeah, yeah, I never said abomination, you did. Glad you can see the humor. Also, there is a difference between grin and smile, but perhaps that's lost in the context of defending your man.

And just so you can parse around for so more objects of disdain, yahoo answers has a nice contribution to the question of the difference between a smile and a grin:
"...The difference between the two is just like the one between two locations on a map given for identification with their Longitude and Latitude ....... one ( in our case,the smile) provided with both longitude and latitude whereas the other ( grin) with latitude only. Just like the former helps us to find the location and the latter only confuses, a smile gets u there... to someones heart, intentions or space....the grin adds on to the mysteries and legitimacy of its origin."

Ties in rather nicely with birtherism and so forth.

Racist! (you Obama critics know who you are!)

Misogynist! (you women critics know who you are!)

Dwarf hater! (you Novick haters know who you are!)

Xenophobe! (you foreigner, Hispanic, Dark Skinned, Red Head, Left-Hander, Anybody-Else-Different-Than-Me haters you know who you are!)

The guy who thinks white people won't vote again for Obama because they expunged their liberal guilt the last election also parses Barack's facial expressions. You're some kinda hero.

If you support the man in the picture, then you're supporting this guy too:


He's the real, live wicked Bankster whom people try to caricature others as.

Now celebrating one year free and clear with his ill-gotten billion$!

Is that some kind of elite Dartmouth gang sign she is flashing? Tried double sided tape and I still can't make my fingers do that.

Dartmouth hand signs -- well that's just the invisible whisky bottle.

Actually, people won't vote for him because he's an incompetent, AND they've expunged their guilt.

Portland - one of the last places in the country where a candidate can think that associating themselves with Barack Obama yields political advantage...

"Yes, a president who smiles while having his picture taken is simply an abomination."

In Obama's case, it **is** rather scary...


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