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Friday, October 26, 2012

Prepare to bookmark

There's a Republican city council member out in Nehalem, Oregon named Jim Welsh. He's currently running for the state house, and he's got a blog going that we just noticed. And lo and behold, Mr. Welsh pulls no punches!

Here's a hysterical shot that he takes at right-wing charm school dropout Rob Kremer and state GOP chair Allen Alley. Welsh is more than a little miffed that they're snubbing him. An intra-party internet slap fight among Republicans -- can anything be more entertaining to watch?

Well actually there is one more beneficiary of Allen and Rob’s "spreading the wealth". Payments totaling $10,000 to Rob’s wife for "management" services. Whatever happened to the idea of making sure that even the appearance of impropriety was to be avoided?

So there you have it. The sum total of contributions by the OTP in this election cycle. A half a million dollars paid out by Alley and Kremer to a handful of Republican candidates and some non-partisan candidates and causes. I think you get the picture. As to the rest of you folks who stepped up and filed for the Legislature, you’re on your own. Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, these two people could have let go of just a few of these dollars to give each of you filers a little seed money for your campaign?

Apparently, if you are not over there in the Kremer’s neighborhood, you don’t even exist. You live in Baker or Klamath or Tillamook or Curry counties? Fahgettaboutit.

This whole system is rotten to the core.

And here's a great one -- on the soul-sucking Oregon Lottery machine, and the proliferation of government public relations flacks. First-rate stuff:

I put in a call to the Oregon State Lottery Public Information Officer to find out how much this little gem has cost us. I was put in touch with a lady named Marlene. I asked her about the cost of the mailer. She didn’t know but said that it was a budgeted item. Can I make a cost saving suggestion to the people who run the Oregon State Lottery? Next year, when you are making up your budget, make sure that whoever came up with this wasteful and stupid waste of money not be involved in the budget process. But until then some comments.

I think I can safely say that the vast majority of City Councilors and other officials across the entire state would never have missed this puffed up piece of back-patting if it had never been mailed. And it couldn’t have been cheap. And what really sticks in my craw is that it was extolling the wonderful things that the Oregon Lottery does for education, counties, and the Oregon Watershed Board (OWEB). Well you know what, why didn't these Lottery officials just take the money spent on this ridiculous mailer and add that back to the funds sent to our schools and counties? I didn’t need this information. Its already out there on the internet if anyone wants it. Why didn’t they just send it out to our email addresses? A total waste of money.

No, like Rep. Boone, these ensconced government folks just can't stay away from spending government money to tell you all what a great job they are doing. Oh, yes, Mr. Niswender even tells us that we can schedule a Lottery speaker (I assume on paid Oregon State Lottery time) for our next city council meeting. I can just see the reaction, "Nehalem City Council promotes Gambling". These people are clueless, absolutely clueless.

Bloggers come and bloggers go, but as long as Welsh is writing like that, we'll be reading.

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I'll tip my hat in his direction when we are crabbing at Nehalem Bay this weekend.

There are still real Republicans. How many more like Mr. Welsh are out there?

Don't miss the chance to participate in "This week's poll," (left hand column, last item): "Grade Obama's handling of the economic crisis" -- if only to see how many people chimed in and what the distribution of votes is.

Well, I would advise doing some research on who this guy really is. He is causing a lot of contention in and around Nehalem/Manzanita. He's a proud racist and, while some things he says may make sense, he is responsible for some vitriolic hate mongering in the area. He and both his sons are Rush Limbaugh fanatics, if that tells you anything.

Proud racist? Why don't you substantiate that a bit, Linda. I'm finding nothing.

Nothing would surprise me, but the blog has potential for enormous entertainment value.

Yes, there is some good entertainment possibility in this blog. Sally, you won't find anything about his bigotry. I lived in the area for several years and I know who he is behind the 'nice guy" routine. I probably shouldn't have said what I said, but I just know it from personal experience.

Well, I've "lived" for several years and I've learned to be very suspicious when people start throwing charges of bigotry and racism around. I found only that he supported the community of Banks retaining the name of its sports team, the Braves. And this is my kind of 'bigot:'


That said, I don't know the man. I cotton not at all to the Tea Party.

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