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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Peck of pickers pick Packers

The players in our charity pro football underdog game have chosen these underdogs to win their games outright:

9.5 OAKLAND at Atlanta - Bob, Gary, MickeyMacNYC
5 NEW YORK GIANTS at San Francisco - George, Annie, Bad Brad
5 DETROIT at Philadelphia - PDXileinOmaha, Gordon, Usual Kevin, John Ch.
5 BUFFALO at Arizona - Broadway Joe, Coastal Storm
5 GREEN BAY at Houston - Michael K., Bayou Baby, Rudie, Jeremy, JMH, Biggest Cubs Loser, Tinknocker, Juicen, Will, Dr. D, Grizfan, DB Cooper, Tung, Eric W., Drewbob
5 TENNESSEE vs. Pittsburgh (Thursday, winner) - Pete Rozelle, Lucas, Pdxmick
3.5 KANSAS CITY at Tampa Bay - Carol
3.5 ST. LOUIS at Miami - Dave A., Sola, Ricardo, Pete Rose, Cinderella Story
3.5 SEATTLE vs. New England - NoPoGuy, genop, genop's gal, Ted
3 INDIANAPOLIS at New York Jets - Paul

It's hard for us to see a banged-up Wisconsin team coming out ahead of Houston, which seems capable of doing what it takes to win. But hey, if we were so smart, we'd be rich.

Have a great day and enjoy the pigskin action, everybody.

UPDATE, 1:58 p.m.: The Lions prevail in OT. Smart pick.

UPDATE, 9:33 p.m.: The Giants, the Seahawks, the Bills, and yes, the Packers all deliver as well. All the 5's win.

Comments (4)

If the Packers offensive game plan executes effectively against Wisconsin grad and Texans' star DE J.J.Watt, and their LB corps -- which will be missing starting ILB Brian Cushing -- it will be a classic example of how an underdog wins on the road. Screen passes to the opposite side could hurt the Texans.

And kick returns by Randall Cobb against Houston's poor special teams could make the difference in the final score, either by a TD, or shortening the field for a game-winning FG.

Harvey: Texans won’t win Sunday — good for Packers and maybe even for Texans


Those, however, who do bet are also beginning to like the Packers. The Texans opened as four-point favorites, but the gamblers, already aware the Texans are coming off a short week after playing Monday night, now have to take Brian Cushing’s injury into consideration. The spread is narrowing as late money comes flooding in on the Packers.

They also know the Packers are desperate. They are 2-3, already two games behind Chicago and Minnesota in the NFC North. They need the win more. And they have too much talent to drop to 2-4.

The Texans are 5-0, with three more victories than any other team in the AFC South. After a masterpiece of an opening drive last Monday against the New York Jets, the Texans seemed complacent, escaping with a 23-17 victory.

Looks like a pile of pickers won today.

Man, I was really kicking myself for not picking the Giants, since I had narrowed my choice this week down to either the Giants or the Packers. Whew . . . thank you, Aaron Rodgers!


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