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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our solemn vow

If we ever make so much money with this blog that we owe the IRS $140,000, we'll gladly pay up. [Via TaxProf Blog.]

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Speaking of advertisers on your blog---->

How about that Phil Stanford, huh? He's been sending me panels of this thing as it was completed, and it is awesome.

I really admire the fact that Phil - after the books and all the columns - can do something completely new. It's downright inspirational. Other than the writing credit on Angelina Jolie's first movie, "Without Evidence" - a fact he downplays for some reason - this could be the coolest thing he's ever done.

Oh, and the artist, Patric Reynolds, is brilliant. There's an art to the entire page, but individual panels could go in a museum. They're that good.

Somebody should turn "City of Roses" into a movie. Angelina Jolie's career turned out okay.

I wonder how much of that was penalties, and how much was just back taxes?

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