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Sunday, October 28, 2012

OSU, USC losses don't help Ducks

The Beavers crashed on the gridiron in Seattle last night, blemishing an unbeaten season up to that point. We doubted that they were truly top 10 caliber, and they won't reach that lofty height again this year. Meanwhile, USC also lost, which is doubly delightful. It's always good when the Trojans go down, and now when they lose to the Ducks it won't be such a big feather in the Ducks' cap.

With no top 10 opponent left on its schedule, UC Nike seems a less likely candidate for the national title game. In other news, Stanford beat Washington State, but not convincingly, further muddying the reputation of the Pac 12 conference. Both Oregon teams have Stanford, and each other, still to play.

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There is apart of me that hopes all four teams remain undefeated. (Alabama, Notre Dame, KState, Oregon.) Because, if you agree to a BCS system, then you agree to get screwed by a BCS system.

Of course, there is still a lot of football left to be played. All four teams still have tough opponents on their schedule. My guess is that by the end of the regular season, it will all shake out just fine.

But a playoff system would be so much more fun.

Ironically, the Ducks could need USC to beat Notre Dame at the end of the year. That could happen although Notre Dame showed something very solid beating Oklahoma yesterday. I guess they really are that good.

However there is only one team with the Miles Davis of college football. Behold the greatness that is De'Anthony Thomas:


That could happen although Notre Dame showed something very solid beating Oklahoma yesterday. I guess they really are that good.

Notre Dame squeaked out some lucky wins to remain undefeated. USC is streaky, but if they show up playing their "A" game, I don't see ND winning in Southern California.

My favorite scenario is Alabama losing to LSU next week, and then two of the other three top teams remaining undefeated. SEC gets shut out of the National Championship game. Oh, how the South would howl. An Obama victory and no representation in the BCS title game: might start a second civil war. :)

Good stuff! That punt return was great, Bill, thanks. Miles Davis invocation is apt. Watching that runback the first time reminded me of both Gale Sayers and Dion Sanders. And on further review, Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, too.

And hey, if Oregon, KState & LSU win out, the key in the final 1-2 BCS rankings may come down between KState and LSU and hinge on the ranking of Texas through the remaining weeks. If Texas falters, KState will suffer. Notre Dame's remaining schedule is too weak for them to catapult over currently higher-ranked undefeateds. Great season for them already, though.

I'm sorry the Beavers lost. I never thought they were top-10 caliber either. I wonder how many Beaver fans did. But it was fun while it lasted! And Mike Riley is top of the top-10 caliber.

I like Beavers losing better than Ducks winning.

Here's an interesting short little piece from last week's Denver Post about very very different times in Duck history:


"I like Beavers losing better than Ducks winning."

The state would lose if State beats Oregon, but since it would be OSU's Natty I could see them rise to the occasion, and O might look past them to Miami, and get tripped up in Corvallis. Would not be the first time the state lost when 'State wins. Such is football in Oregon. And I'd lol when sally be crying.

This Much Is Clear: Two Undefeated Teams Could Miss Out
By Greg Bishop (October 28, 2012)

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