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Saturday, October 27, 2012

OMG! Spread salt on icy roads?

The State of Oregon is going to test it out for five years on stretches of I-5 and U.S. 95 way down near the Cali and Nevada borders. Don't know what the test is supposed to show. We're pretty sure that the chemistry is going to work.

Hey, just thinking out loud here -- but does fluoride melt ice?

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They use salt on the roads in some of the midwest and northeastern states in the winter. It's a cheap way to melt icy road, but generally horrible for auto bodies; as it promotes rust on most ferrous metals.

Road salt also has unpleasant effects on ground and surface waters, and plants. Research on environmental effects of road salt

Perhaps the automobile dealership lobby has put in the good word (and money) for salting the roads; five years and see if sales are up in that period of time? Or am I being too cynical?

Not too cynical at all. The auto fleet has been getting old, fast. Something must be done.

Safety first. Especially that Idaho-Oregon-Nevada route. Makes sense to me, and my cars both have 200K miles on the odo.

"But he said occasional use would help make for 'consistent **** conditions' between Oregon and neighboring states that use ****."
Gee, there's a slippery slope that even legislative salt might not help.

Car sales is a good conspiracy theory. My wag is that there's going to be some completely unrelated rumbling in the near future about reducing the use of studded tires. How about an impact tax to repair the damage? Or an outright ban? Since we now use ice, you don't really need those studs...

My second conspiracy wag is that with the several rounds of OTIA, the highway bridges are in good shape and Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners (HDR/Fluor) will be out of work unless something happens. Like salt damage.

It's good to see that occasionally ODOT still does something that is good for motorists. The only reason this slipped by is that it did not need to be approved by the Kitzhaber appointees on the Oregon Transportation Commission. I'm sure they will now change the rules so this will never happen again.

Road salt also has unpleasant effects on ground and surface waters, and plants.

Remember, these type of actions cannot be decided on holistic thinking. Compartmentalized thinking allows money to trump all.

When added to water flouride melts ice just fine.

Recall that the ODX routinely gets in trouble with environmentalists over deicer runoff.. Wonder where they are condemning this plan ?

What happened to using gravel? After the thaw it can be swept up and reused.

"Hey, just thinking out loud here -- but does fluoride melt ice?"

Thanks for the giggle!

Hey JO , [a good hendrix song BTW] floride not only melts ice on the road , but also the stuff in your stomach that keeps you alive , welcome to intensive care. BUT HEY sam/rand will be long gone in the fla keys w/lil pretty boys serving them myties [sp]

John- OTC? Hah hah. The role of OTC became quite clear in the "process" of renaming Beltline in Eugene for a former OTC chair. Maybe we'll get another OTC chair lying about the decision making for using ice.

My quick cheap answer, living in Southern Oregon now, is that if ODOT does it it's bad. Here are the only two reactions in the local paper today (most news stories garner none):

"There are over one hundred responses in the Oregonian, all negative on salt. Truck drivers, frequent users over Siskiyou summit say there is no need for this measure. Chain enforcement will stay in place irregardless. Salt will be carried in the melt off from cars mainly on to Ashland city roads. NO SALT !!Leave well enough alone!!"

"Awful thing to do to cars and trucks that leaves them rust heaps. I hope they take these unintended consequences into account. ODOT budgets don't pay for what happens to the public's cars.
If this is to save lives, I can be convinced. If it is to save a few bucks on salaries or alternative snow and ice removal methods then please think again."

If I hadn't seen disaster after disaster here owing to ODOT I would have more of an open mind.

Begin secessionist revival in 3... 2... 1... Double-cross.

Ironically, the State of Jefferson revolt was in part about a lack of roads. Now the problem is they want to maintain the big road a little too well. Which is it, local unhappy Lexus-driving folks?

I agree that salt is less than ideal, but this is really about freight. Siskiyou Pass is really difficult a few times a year, and I still need groceries and low-cost solutions for everyday living. Trucks mustn't wait, or lettuce goes up 3 cents.

Seeing as how we get snow for roughly one week a year, I don't think you're going to have to worry about the undercarriage of your car rusting out due to salt use. Not to mention that leftover gravel being being shot at the front end/windshield of your car after a light dusting of snow ain't exactly great for your car.

I used to live in Michigan... where they have been salting roads since WW1. It pollutes the soil, cantaminates the ground water, but it is supported by the auto industry/automobile dealership association. Why? Salting the roads also rusts out cars ... real fast... real seriously. Undercarriage and lower body parts die way before the engine/drive chain. ODOT should be de-funded for this sell-out. But, the Repubs are supported by the automobile cabal and people are going to be electing Repubs... especially down there in survivalist-land.

In America we get exactly what we deserve.

"Ironically, the State of Jefferson revolt was in part about a lack of roads. Now the problem is they want to maintain the big road a little too well. Which is it, local unhappy Lexus-driving folks?"

If you think most people in the so-called "State of Jefferson" drive Lexi you couldn't have been in this corner of the state for anything but maybe a quick trip to Ashland.

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