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Monday, October 22, 2012

Nutsy's followers don't know when to quit

They think they're going to salvage his dead political career by accusing the rest of the world of "character assassination."

"Character suicide" would be more like it.

You wonder how long it will take before these people notice that there's something funny in the Kool-Aid. The people who are in their 20's and 30's need a political leader from their ranks, but they sure as heck aren't going anywhere under anybody like Jefferson Smith.

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It's a tactic straight out of Sam Adams' campaign handbook:

"If you engage in conversation with someone who does not approve of Adams' viewpoints, accuse that person of homophobic behavior and state that they are upset because Adams is an outspoken homosexual."

If the person attempts to discuss any campaign topics, refer back to the above. Do not debate any actual campaign promises, topics or other matters.

One problem for Smith is that he's a middle-aged white married heterosexual male. And jerk is not a minority group.

C'mon Jack, that's really taking it too far with the Kool-Aid references! Everyone who's anyone knows that the People's Temple preferred Flavor Aid (tm)


Please let's set the record straight, for the sake of a fair campaign.

Maybe Jeffy will lobby next for "jerk" as a protected group.
It could be his next career path.

"Jefferson is not the same man who went to the woman's house at 8 a.m. and then returned with the weird handwritten letter. That was 3 weeks ago, and Jefferson Smith is a different man now."

Does the political Smith family think this strategy will smooth things over?

Nutsy schmutsy. Like Kool-Aid, Flavor Aid, or whatever Myth Made, it's in the mind's eye of the beholder, without regard of realworld gunfire on the ground: ... a covert operation there so sinister it would shock even hardened CIA-watchdogs. ... there was the problem of the bodies. The Jonestown body count jumped by about four hundred within two days after the suicides, leading to speculation that escapees may have been hunted down and killed. In any case, Guyanese coroner Leslie Mootoo testified that as many as seven hundred of the dead appeared to have been forcibly killed, not "suicides" at all.

Other (searchable) similar accounts, either first-hand or scene-witness or knowledgeable inferences from CIA m.o., double the supposed '900' bodycount, (cremated en masse), and include details of the gun deaths, even as many as all of them, by bullets, including babies, no drink whatsoever - flavored, sugared, or cyanided. By all means let's set the record straight. Lest holding-fast misperception in one matter casts doubt upon issuing judgements (of character) in another.

"He is gentle and a peacemaker and is also a tireless advocate for what he believes in."

I suspect that someone's still hoping to get a cushy position within a Smith administration. Judging by that sentence alone, someone slept through his college career, too.

Ron Buell involved with this idiotic (embarrassing as well) effort? One of the founders of Willy Week? YUPPPPPPPPP

The Smithonians are Portland's own version of LaRouchites.

Tenskwatawa, Yes let's please re-open the Congressional investigation of the Jonestown Massacre. That's just what this thread (and this country) needs.

I'm going to open proceedings with a screening of Guyana Tragedy, with that hunky Powers Boothe. Heck, let's make it a Powers Boothe Film Festival:


Powers. Boothe.

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