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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nutsy goes way off the deep end

Epically failed Portland mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith is writing bizarre notes again -- this time addressed not to the woman he beat in college, but rather to a reporter at the O (presumably Beth Slovic). In it, he actually has the gall to try to put the paper on the defensive for his own shabby personal history:

I don't think you ever asked me if I had been arrested or cited. Had you asked, I intended to answer. I didn't bring forward the information that has now become the primary focus of the mayors race. (Had I without permission I still don't think that was the right thing to do -- even though it might've been the smarter thing to do.) But I never intended to hide if asked, even as scared as I have been to talk about it (and I'm not proud of that fear)....

In any event, my reputation has been under some deep attacks over the past 2 months. I don't know if I'll recover or not. I know that a piece of that is your job. (Although I'm not sure the destruction motivation ought to be as big a part as it has seemed recently.) And I know that you are a gifted reporter. If I win, I will try to treat you as such. And I hope that something can be done to build some small semblance of trust.

"If I win"? The man is psychotic. He must never be elected to any public office, ever again.

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Good grief, this is like Bogart in Caine Mutiny.

In a way, Smith is correct. Had a 'gifted reporter' done some investigating sooner, we would not be choosing between Smith and Hales right now. This has been a waste of time and money.

It is now insulting to douchebags to call this guy a douchebag. Psychotic seems appropriate.

Oh, so now it's the O's fault because they didn't ask the right questions.
And it's his "comms" guy's fault for not letting him off his leash. And, and, and it's a nefarious plot by shadowy forces to bring Jeffy down. Geez, this is really pathetic.

1:30 am emails to reporters? I keep telling you, someone needs to check this guy's meds.

No, not check his meds.

His liquor cabinet.

IMHO the 1:30 AM note to Slovic is the written drivel of a drunk.

I participated in a phone survey last night, and one of the questions was whether I agreed or disagreed with the statement that "one of the two candidates for mayor was the subject of unfair attacks". I told them no ( since what they are saying about Smith is all true). I don't know if it was Smith's campaign pollster or not, testing a possible last ditch theme, or determining whether it was time to pull the plug and save any remaining campaign resources for some possible Lazarus moment down the road. The smart money would be on the latter strategy.
Memo to self: Never push the send button to the Oregonian at 1:30 am.

Anyone familiar with the antics of those under the influence of amphetamines will recognize this behavior.

Nutsy Jeffy needs to check into "the Betty" for at least 90 days!

Wow: this guy is obviously used to arguing on the Internet. Now I want to know who wrote his papers while he was in college, because I could make better points by throwing my cat at the keyboard.

Nutsy is off his meds, probably fell off the wagon, and has an environment that enables this weird (bizarre) behavior.

But this is so bad, that I feel (and imho you should too) that discussing this behavior publically is in very bad taste. This is worse than stealing candy from a baby or shooting fish in a barrel. This man is deranged, this campaign is over. Monte Python has already done this skit before, and it was not a flesh wound.

But it's so obvious that he'll back for future runs at public office. It's important that the public gets a good look at him now.

He is surrounded by sycophants who worship the ground he walks on.

Of course he thinks he's going to win.

He's headed for Jesse Cornett territory.

Holy sh*t that email is deranged.

He probably needs professional help. Also, this is yet another example that he is unfit to hold office - no self control, no responsibility, just a troubled individual overall.

It's the cops fault for not arresting me BEFORE I punched a girl half my weight in the face.

I like perusing old posts and comments. It's interesting to see how Jefferson Smith goes between "Jeffer-Sam" and "Jeffer-Sten" before you finally settled on the iconic "Nutsy."

When is he up for re-election for his house seat? Any chance he'll get some credible opposition?

Seems obvious that the next rational escalation of anti-Nutsy-ness is for someone of prestige to assert "if That Man, Mr. Smite is elected then righteousness is lost in self ..." and prestige is going to move back to __whence_it_came__ or move onward to __a_better_state__ (fill in the blanks) where politics offer Justice and all the politicians are strong, and good-looking, and above average, and from (Portland's) woes be gone.
So, although unaccredited prestigewise, maybe I should say it: If that man whatsisname is elected then I hope to move on to a high-paying job with the City of Portland during whatsisname's administration defending the honors of the beauties of the place away from the beastly streets.

If somebody would mount a serious last-minute write-in campaign, complete with ads and mailings, I think they would have a chance. I've been asking my friends who they're planning to vote for and why, and most of them are planning to vote for Hales because Smith has too many issues. They don't necessarily want Hales, they just don't want Smith.

Wow. This is just mortifying. Like something you shouldn't even (have to) look at.

Which is sadder, Smith's 1:30 am email, or the comments on the O story by his defenders?

Tenskwatawa wrote: Mr. Smite

Not sure if that was intentional, but it's quite good -- from now on, I'm calling him Jefferson Smite. That's perfect, really!

I love this snivelly "Why didn't you read my mind, say magic words, and force me to be a better person?" line of reasoning. Voters get enough of that nonsense at home... they sure don't need it in the Mayor's Office!

Neil Anderson -

The House seat is gone, IIRC.

Oregon House members run every two years, and this is the year. Nutsy opted to run for Mayor and did not file for House seat.

Can you say "Unemployed" as of 12:01 AM on New Years Day?

"'Mr. Smite' ... quite good -- perfect, really!"
Well [blush] thanks Denizen, Pilgrim, whatever. I get about 1 good'un a year, perhaps more it's hard to say, too erudite maybe, so lofty like UAV drones whoooshhhing thru airspace. My writing secret is I practice; I go here to get artsy ideas ... I believe I've seen Jeffery Smythe checkin' it too.
Everyone is connected with everyone else in the internet, picture it.

Wired piping.

(oops, so sorry, I supposed the photo Credit to be in the frame, (above), but it's not, I was awfully wrong, my bad)

Prior comment: Photo: Google/Connie Zhou

The following, titled, "the English language in 24 accents,"
starting at minute 2.25, is an interesting performance art piece reflecting several aspects of the Nutsy saga. There's a little swearing.

-minute 2.25 begins with a welsh accent, advising a psychotic to seek therapy
-moves to a scotch accent, describing a passed-out ne'er do well with a penchant for violence
-enters the Irish character, who is describing his revenge plan against a nemesis


There are many other interesting accents further along the way, also closely Nutsy-related.
-Nigerian, describing someone who is a real pain in the rear
-South African, describing someone who is worse than useless (someone who couldn't even do a desk job without getting a paper cut).

Boy, I sure hope we're not in for some nasty surprises. My Dem friend on Facebook has her pic-logo-message to the world with his campaign poster. Shudder.

Nonny Mouse--

Unemployed! Woo Hoo!
I think I'm going to write a stern letter to Denis Theriault after reading his latest nonsense yesterday...

Who is Denis Theriault?

Nonny Mouse:

Theriault's a writer for the Mercury. I sent the letter, asked him why he's a reporter if he disapproves of investigative journalism (he's been critical of the O and the WW's articles about Smith's driving record and history of assaults). No response.

Thanks for the info.

Not having the parakete any more, I don't need bird cage liners, so I don't take the Mercury

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