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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nutsy enters the David Wu zone

The latest bombshell about Jeffer-Sam Smith sure is something, isn't it? His explanation is as disturbing as the incident itself. He was just defending himself, but somehow he agreed to do community service and pay the victim's medical bills. Uh huh. Did she get stitches? Can't remember. What kind of injury did she sustain? Change the subject. How did he hurt her? It all happened so fast. Here, here's somebody else who was there, to sort of explain it to you.

What a complete and utter clown. Perfect for Portland, if you think about it.

You know what documents we'd like to see? Smith's applications to the Oregon and New York state bars. He applied in both places, although for some reason he was never sworn in after passing the bar exam in New York. For example, the Oregon application asks a quite specific question about past brushes with the criminal justice system:

Did Smith come clean about his college party assault case, or did he assume, as some bar applicants mistakenly do, that what the bar admission folks don't know can't hurt them? It would be interesting to see the forms he submitted, but we doubt that the bar folks in either state would show the documents, even if the media asked for them.

Anyway, the choice for Portlanders is now crystal clear. They can have four more years of a deeply disturbed individual at the helm -- a rerun of Sam Adams -- or four more years of being forced to put out for the Homer Williams types -- a rerun of Vera Katz. Alas, jumping off the Fremont Bridge is not offered as an option.

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And of course as a general rule, it is much, much better to fully disclose everything down to your parking tickets than to give the impression that you are being less than completely honest with the bar. Withholding an incident that wouldnt necessarily exclude you from the bar will be enough for them to deny your application.

I wonder if U of O disciplinary records are subject to a FOIA request? I'm just trying to figure out how Hales/Weiner tipped the WWeek off to this stuff.

Dave, there's enough street talk about Jeff to conclude that WW picked up some of it as it was floating by.

Anyone who has ever filled out an SF86 for a secruity clearance knows it is better to disclose than have "them" find it ....

mk: That's correct, I thought about every middle/high school detention I had prior to c&f.

Dave J: Weiner is worth every penny to Charlie - my guess is he's ferreted out every disgruntled individual who has ever dealt with Smith, and who knows if there's another bombshell to come. From what I know from people who've been involved in the BUS (note: I'm not talking Jefferson specifically, just the general organization) there could be a drug use/sexual harassment surprise in store for the week prior to the election. Dirty politics, but when you have a bad record, your best hope is the other guy's is worse.

I don't know that I'd go so far as to call this a "bombshell," but I think worse than the story itself is the impression it gives that Jefferson has been less that forthcoming about lots of things in his past. And if he's not going to have the sense to get out ahead of a story like this (which, let's be honest, is pretty minor...or seems so, at this point), what worse things is he keeping a lid on?

"Nuttsy" the nick name says it all!
Same goes for Char-LIE too!

If it was The U of O discipline program that made him do the probation that should have disclosed as well on his bar application.

There's two options, from what I see:

1. His community service was required by an in-house (U of O) disciplinary process, or

2. He is conflating a settlement with the complainant and a plea bargain of sorts with the county. From what (little) I know, no settlement with a private party would every involve community service. So it's possible the "settlement" was not with the woman but with the county, and required that he pay her medical bills and do some community service.

Smith is looking more and more like someone encouraged to run for mayor specifically to make sure Hales gets into the mayor's office.

Smith as mayor could be a surprise disruption for the planners.

How is a college frat party fracas in any respect comparable with Hales being a tax cheat, after he quits mid-term, claiming to support schools? Hales isn't fit to be a staffer for the mayor, let alone be the mayor.

Lo, another guy who wants a City Hall job speaks.

I expect to vote for the a deeply disturbed individual at the helm of this deeply disturbed city in the hope that he will be totally ineffective at getting anything done. (The government that governs least is best.)


We did that four years ago. It's been a total disaster.

We did that four years ago. It's been a total disaster.

Just before the 2008 election, a "social group" insider told me that one of the candidates was a creep and a liar who had big plans for Portland just to further his personal career that had nothing to do with the peole who lived here. This person added that whatever happened this "social group" wouldn't support him.

Then he won the election and twice couldn't be recalled and thus my disillusionment began to cement itself in place.

Of course, Smith could be running just as deceptively.

peole = people, but I imagine reader figured that out already.

Another thought that just occurred to me: Do you think he told Harvard Law about this incident before they admitted him?

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