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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New York City turns to cargo bikes in disaster response

No, of course it doesn't. We're kidding.

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Perhaps cargo canoes?

Of course you're kidding. They've only just left. It'll take them about 59 more days to ride across the country to get there.

And the immediate reaction from the Bike Portland hipsters: "*tch* I don't think that's funny AT ALL."

It should be noted that New York is ramping up bus service as quickly as possible and will also waive fares on the bus system for some time.

In Portland, if MAX (which carries about 1% of all trips taken in our region) were to shut down, the planners would be crying about how our transit system is in shatters and needs billions in reinvestment, while buses plod on by empty because they'd rather be stranded in high water and without electricity, than take a bus.

Cargo bikes are the wave of the future - they:

Don't emit any CO2 (except for CO2 from food production for the driver.)

They Don't use any energy (Except for all the extra food consumed by the driver.)

They will save us from running out of oil. (Except the oil used to produce food for the driver.)

Thy will dramatically increase employment as we replace one truck driver with dozens of bike drivers! (Of course some one has to pay those dozens of bike drivers.)

All in all it is a win-win for the politicians who can claim less CO2, less foreign oil and more jobs. (As usual the rest of us get screwed.)


Hope they are pontoon equiped

Weird as it may sound, cargo bikes just may become obsolete in Portland with the next big thing; cargo and freight streetcars to justify more wasteful spending on enlarging the snail rail system.

Thank god we live in a city that gets 20+ days of snow and where bikes are considering little more than a recreational pursuit.

Karlock. Finally someone points out the horrendous impact of the human metabolism.

the horrendous impact of the human metabolism

Seems to me Jim only covered about half of it.

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