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Monday, October 1, 2012

New Jeld-Wen CFO will be in North Carolina

But they're not moving their headquarters there -- just their CFO. Honest! Ron Goldschmaxton tells us so.

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And the VGTI Florida Campus is totally separate and distinct from VGTI Oregon and not benefitting AT ALL from any incentives paid in Oregon to create Biotech employment in Oregon.

None of the research being performed at VGTI Florida would have been possible at VGTI Oregon. This is especially true for any commercialized products that may be developed in Florida, especially those that are wildly profitable for one of VGTI Florida's research partners.

Oregon -- things look different here. Because they aren't really here.

You should have put one of those little back rectangles over Sam's crotch!

$10. a gallon diesel will end shipping East from the Left coast.

How 'bout: "Invisible (Work)force Field"? Lots of Orygone companies could co-sponsor. Apt description of the Timbers' play, too.

Oregon -- things look different here.

It's the glasses we wear. Sammy and Neil autographed models.

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