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Friday, October 19, 2012

New bike-only trail coming to Forest Park

So reports the Bicycle Terrorist Alliance. If it keeps the craziest bikers off the walking path, it might be good. But what are the chances of that?

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Wow, Fish the flake could pander to both is favorite constituency groups by also clearing some spaces along the path for homeless camps.

Wait a second. You can't have specialized trails for just one group. That wouldn't be Equitable, would it, Amanda?

Now we have another bureau involved, and Leonard will join for a third bureau, because the trail will be funded by his Water Bureau because he thinks he's managing water runoff by use of the trail. Just like his thinking for helping to buy the Tryon Life Community Farm property at the tune of over $250,000 of our water bill monies.

I second the motion that we now keep bikes from running us down on the walking paths.
OR let us mace them if they get too close...

Let's put bikes and offleash dogs together on a separate trail. That should work out well.

Using negative language only perpetuates the problems. We get that you're not a fan of bikes, but you need to let go of your curmudgeon ways (not to mention car) and work towards solutions that benefit everyone.

(PS - I'm selling car #4 as my drive way is getting a bit full - anyone want a '66 Volvo?)

Rick, you are a f***ing hypocrite. Four cars and you are a bicycle advocate? Give me a break. People like you really piss me off. No wonder Portland is going down the rat hole. Attitudes like yours are ruining this city. I’ll bet every one of your vehicles are junkers. You probably don’t even have any of them insured. You live in a run down crappy house somewhere around Hawthorne or Alberta with a dozen other hipster losers. You vote the blue Oregon lifestyle. You work about 16 hours a week and depend on tips and your parents largest. Someday you will grow up and realize that you are really a worthless piece of humanity. Then most likely you will move in with your parents again for the forth time.

P. S. I get it. My sarcasm is just trying to outdo Ricks’.

This is a bumpy recreational trail made for people who will drive into town from Wilsonville with their bikes strapped to the roofs of their cars. It is utterly asinine to conflate it with the whole commuter-industrial complex. Most bike advocates in Portland have ignored mountain bike amenities for decades, and will likely continue to do so.

Most bike advocates in Portland have ignored mountain bike amenities for decades, and will likely continue to do so.

Mountain bike amenities...?


...fill in the blank.

This appears to be yet another double standard that gives partiality to the kamikaze bicyclists. Roads in the forests are being closed all over Oregon because that are targeted as being harming to fish, wildlife and create water runoff problems. A trail rutted out by dirt bicycles will have the same effect. Additionally, motorists pay for the roads, golfers pay green fees, tennis players pay to play in park bureau tennis centers, there is a charge to use city operated pools and rec centers, and paid permits are required for everything from reserving a ball field, for group picnic areas in city parks and to have a concert in the park that benefits the community. So will the bicyclists unjustly get this environmentally unfriendly trail free of charge; or will trail be tolled, require a bicyclist paid permit to use or mandate some other means of monetary payment that comes directly from the bicycling community? If not,is the Portland Park Bureau going to make all the other forms of recreational park uses – golf, tennis, ball fields, group picnics, swimming, etc – all FREE with NO CHARGE? This is definitely one for the equity commission because it is past due that freeloading slacker bicyclists pay their own way!!!

And the hikers. Those damn hikers in forest Park walking around FREE WITH NO CHARGE. This has been going on for decades. This is definitely one for the equity commission because it is past due that freeloading hikers pay their own way!!!

Not to worry, pmalach. The city wants to put in parking meters at Washington Park. Trailheads won't be far behind.

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