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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nearly every 'dog is adopted

The players in our charity pro football underdog game have made their choices for Week 5, and here they are:

10 BUFFALO at San Francisco - Gary, Bob
9.5 CLEVELAND at New York Giants - Eric W.
9 NEW YORK JETS vs. Houston (Monday) - Pete Rozelle, Bayou Baby, Biggest Cubs Loser, Dr. D, Annie, Drewbob
7 INDIANAPOLIS vs. Green Bay - Ted, pdxmick
6.5 DENVER at New England - Dave A., Usual Kevin, Sola, NoPoGuy, PDXileinOmaha, Tinknocker, Broadway Joe, Juicen, JMH, DB Cooper
6 TENNESSEE at Minnesota - Carol, Rudie, Gordon, John Cr.
5.5 JACKSONVILLE vs. Chicago - Coastal Storm
5 KANSAS CITY vs. Baltimore - Cinderella Story, MickeyMac
4 MIAMI at Cincinnati - Jeremy, Will, Paul, Ricardo
3.5 SAN DIEGO at New Orleans - Lucas, Tung, Bad Brad, John Ch., genop's gal
3.5 PHILADELPHIA at Pittsburgh - George, Michael K., Grizfan
3 SEATTLE at Carolina - genop
3 WASHINGTON vs. Atlanta - Pete Rose

Only one 'dog was not given a good home -- Cleveland. [And even it got a player's endorsement, see UPDATE below. -- JB] Meanwhile, 10 players out of the group are riding on Peyton Manning over Tom Brady in that classic matchup in Massachusetts. (Unfortunately, we in Portland will probably be stuck with the Seahawks at that hour on CBS.)

And now for our weekly notice: These are the picks as of earlier this morning, several hours before the deadline. (This post is being triggered by a robot.) If additional picks have come in (or changes have been made) after this post was written but before the deadline, they will be added to this post as soon as we can get to it later today.

Have a glorious Sunday and enjoy the games, everyone!

UPDATE, 1:48 p.m.: Lo and behold, in a pick early this morning, Eric W. chose Cleveland, meaning all of the underdogs were taken in. Morning picks by Drewbob and MickeyMac have also been entered.

UPDATE, 1:52 p.m.: Indy and Miami get it done in the first games.

UPDATE, 3:59 p.m.: Seattle wins an afternooner for genop.

Comments (4)

If you have Comcast you can follow multiple games at once on the NFL Red Zone channel 399 or 799 in HD. I didn't special order it, and I'm not sure if it's part of a premium package.

Outstanding emotional win by the Colts. In the SEA-CAR game, note the QB stats so far (SEA 6, CAR 3) @Halftime:

R. Wilson, SEA -- 12-13, 124 yds., 106.4 QB Rating
C. Newton, CAR -- 3/15, 40 yds., 39.6 QB rating

New England has 20 first downs in the 1st half (wow!), and driving @the Bronocs' 2 with 0:25 to go, up 14-7, alas.

Sadly went with the Eagles. 2 costly fumbles. Vick-Timized!!!

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