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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

County getting shorted in "urban renewal," cop pension juggernauts

On Sunday night we ran our annual analysis of our property tax bill, showing the percentages of the tax being used for various government functions. Last year, a reader asked us to take the numbers a little deeper, showing longer-term trends in those percentages. We did, and to the wonkier among us, the patterns were interesting. Here they are again, updated for 2012-2013:

The general line "City of Portland" has hit a seven-year low, percentage-wise, while "urban renewal" and the unfunded police and fire pensions continue to chug along, eating up nearly 51 cents on the city's dollar.

Meanwhile, PCC is at a seven-year high, Multnomah County is at a seven-year low, and Portland Public Schools is like the cockroach that ate Cincinnati. And that's before the wasteful construction pork school tax increase that the city's sheeple are about to inflict on themselves.

We may fool around with the numbers some more, but we hope these tables, along with Sunday's post, will help people get a grip on what they're buying. (And you renters out there, you're paying it, too -- don't kid yourselves, it's part of your rent.)

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