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Monday, October 15, 2012

More late night street holdups in NE Portland

This outbreak last week (slightly NSFW) didn't even make the papers, although there are reportedly two arrests with multiple robbery counts. 16th and Killingsworth at quarter to three in the morning? As Cheech and Chong used to say, "How 'bout a watch? I know y’all ain’t got a watch, ‘cuz if you had a watch you’d know it’s night time. And night time ain’t no time to be in this here neighborhood.”

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As long as its not in the Pearl or hipster-zones why would anyone care?

I spoke with my next door neighbor over the weekend and found out that someone at the end of my block was mugged outside their own home late one evening last week. This is in the Beaumont-Wilshire area.

I couldn't find it on that police blotter website that Jack has linked to in the past but the information is only once removed from the victim so I'm taking it as true.

There have been a number of similar muggings recently, including one of a QFC employee skateboarding to work at 36th and Grant Place near Grant High. They always include a description of 3 black youths. Seems I recall reading about several muggings on Fremont and Sandy with similar MOs.

Like Steve said, if it ain't in the Pearl or a hipster zone, it didn't happen.

LL: In what part of Beaumont was someone mugged outside their home? Which Ave?

The blog you linked us to on this was a post by the guy who says he was mugged, but he makes no reference to having called the police, so I wouldn't make too big a deal that it "didn't even make the papers." Meanwhile the victim talks of he and his homies being out walking around 16th and Killingsworth at 2:40 a.m. Could there possibly be more of a death wish than to do that?????

Now now, all sorts of upstanding citizens hang out at 16th and Kill at 2:40 in the AM..

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