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Friday, October 19, 2012

More free advertising on City of Portland website

Once again, the Portland "sustainability" bureau's little corner of the internet reads like a cheesy advertising mailer:

Fixing, maintaining and repairing items you already own saves money and resources. A-Z Blinds Cleaning and Repair (7920 NE Glisan St, 503-252-9909) and Reliable Appliance Repair offer options for window treatments and various home appliances.

DIY! Become a Do-It-Yourselfer with local options like Mill End Store and W.C. Winks Hardware to find just about anything to add color, a unique touch and to fix and maintain broken items in the space you call home.

There are links to the retailers' websites and everything. Here's another such city page. Here's another. It goes on and on.

Is somebody getting a kickback out of this? Who picks the companies that get the kudos on the city pages? On what basis? It sure looks like blatant favoritism to us.

Not to mention the incredible waste of tax dollars those pages represent. Whoever's got time to write this drivel needs to be laid off, like yesterday. Memo to Sustainable Susan: You're not Oprah.

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Those businesses are scattered around the city. What happened to the live-work-play neighborhood mantra? (Which was always ridiculous for this very reason).

We are swimming in central planners that have been schooled in government's responsibility to provide ALL wants and needs for everyone in society.

THEY actually believe government should provide food, clothing, shelter, transportation, recreation, medication, education, tooth cavity prevention, trash collection, wealth distribution, and all aspects of the human condition.

And like a one way ratchet, it only tightens and never backs off.

Didn't large portions of humanity already go down this road during the 20th century resulting in spectacular failure?

Beautiful comments.

I've been to A to Z Blinds. It's a one-man shop that's hard to find even if you have the address. He's an older, low-tech guy, and I seriously doubt that he contacted Susan and cut a deal to get a mention on the website. Unless his "My shop looks like a hurricane just hit but I know exactly where everything is located" persona is just an act.

I don't think Jack's comment is as much about the individual business but instead about why tax dollars are being used to promote that particular one? Random selection? Somebody's uncle? Who knows the answer to this other than our entrenched autocrats?

And speaking of political favoritism in advertising, look no further than this Portland owned operation whose free publication is available all over town...

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I guess it's my age talking, but how did any of this become something the government should be involved in? Metro or the city qqdoesn't need to hire a full time gardener to teach us how to grow vegetables, recycle, turn our backyards into bird habitats, fix our bikes or whatever someone thinks is cool. It's as if the people running city halls everywhere didn't get any ofmthismeducation at home as they were growing up. But how they seemitmas the government's responsibility to fill in all the gaps is beyond me. Come on people - let's be self reliant and tell the city hacks to do likewise and get a real job.

Add drink fluoride to the list.
Portland City Council apparently thought that was their responsibility too.

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