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Friday, October 12, 2012

Mob busts numerous bank windows on Portland's east side

Portland's adorable anarchists strike again. This time a roving gang of 50, breaking bank windows on Hawthorne Boulevard in southeast and on MLK in northeast last night. Throwing bottles and rocks at pedestrians. Last seen heading back into the Buckman neighborhood, no doubt for a post-bash Pabst.

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For years I've noticed that Thursday night seems to be the time when graffiti taggers crawl out of the Buckman neighborhood.

Probably the same "community." Mentally ill people masquerading as politically conscious.

Well they really taught the banks a lesson by breaking those windows!

These knobs realize that the windows get fixed out of fees paid by regular citizens, right? Way to make a difference, guys!

I'd bet decent money that the "anarchists" who did this kind of crap and the surly street kids who harass people downtown (and in close-in SE) are drawn from the same groups. In fact, the press release notes that the gang originated from the parking lot of Umpqua Bank on 35th and Hawthorne. I've been saying for some time that this is a REAL problem area...that corner has lately been home to a near-constant group of 10-12 street kids who just congregate on the sidewalk. Giving these kids more "services" is not going to help--they don't want help! They want to cause problems.

Keep Portland weird.

Keep Hillsboro safe.

Maybe they are just expressing their displeasure with the POPO for retracting their endorsement of Nutsy!

Geez, these guys should be a priority for the POPO. I know it may be a leap to compare them to brownshirts, but they're no better. The premise is the same. A large goup inspired by extremists to create mayhem and destroy infrastructure. I can only imagine the fate of a bank employee had they been out late and recognized. Courage for cowards comes only with numbers, as evidenced throughout history.

How can a mob of 50 people walk 10 blocks down Hawthorne and get away before the cops show up? Does this town only have like three cops now?

I'm hoping that the average Portlander is waking up to the type of person we've welcomed into our midst in the spirit of being "progressive" and "open minded."

And I'm hoping that the average Portlander wakes up our Commissioners. A mob walking 10 blocks had to take 20 minutes, and our police had no response? So in the early night at 9PM we have no police, no Police Commmissioner's (Sam) policy to respond to civil disobedience and more? We're heading for chaos.

That's what I was wondering Snards! Is it because it's a property crime? What if they were a mob walking around beating up...I don't know - BANKERS or people with ties or whoever? The police response seems oddly slow-mo.

The police report specifically says "walking" in every (3) mention. or To travel 10 blocks must take at least 8-10 minutes.

Geez... When I read the headline I thought Tony, Chris, Silvio and Paulie "Walnuts" were out bashing windows for non-payment of services, if you know what I mean.

Amazing - they were throwing bottles and rocks at pedestrians, and still nothing was done.

I guess someone will have to be sent to the hospital before the city will deign to take notice.

I'd be curious to know if it were random pedestrians that were attacked, or just certain ones...

Snards - yes.

You all have to realize - the police are not tasked with protecting people and property in Portland.

"Mentally ill people masquerading as politically conscious."

Somehow they're not as endearing as the more self-aware sort of hoodlums who sang to Sergeant Krupke in West Side Story.

If I remember correctly, the brown shirts had some degree of media support.

Geez... When I read the headline I thought Tony, Chris, Silvio and Paulie "Walnuts" were out bashing windows for non-payment of services, if you know what I mean.

Banks don't need to hire that kind of protection - Congress has stepped in to do it for free for them.

I would have thought that Hawthorne was weird/cool enough that the Keep Portland Weird crowd would have left it alone.

How long before some of thease "peaceful" anarchists actually harm an innocent ?
Or present such a threat to some ordinary citizen that citizen takes matters into his own hands due to that threat....

some vandalism makes great news photos, and almost seems pre-planned, e.g., planted instigators. and if those tv screen ready broken window photos were staged by bureaus, those photos in pages and pages of google results (good pr, someone) would result in portland social opinion aquiescing to increased weaponization and militarization of safety culture.

Ah, the old neighborhood... how I don't miss it. Is there anything for millenials to do besides revolting? Always be revolting.

If it wasn't clear after the abject failure of N17, a little broken glass doesn't move the needle whatsoever. These folks just like breaking stuff.

If the black bloc ever found their way into a plate glass factory, they would never leave. Let's give them directions.

There must be a huge divide between the "That's awesome" crowd and those who find this at least a bit chilling.

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