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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lavonne talks to the O about writing her in

O reporter Brad Schmidt mentions this blog in an article today about potential write-in candidates for mayor of Portland. Prominently mentioned is our pick, city auditor Lavonne Griffin-Valade. Schmidt even spoke to Griffin-Valade about the suggestion, and she doesn't say she wouldn't take the job if she won:

Griffin-Valade said Tuesday that she's aware her name is mentioned as a write-in candidate. Blogger Jack Bogdanski -- a well-read and frequent critic of Portland government -- began advocating Griffin-Valade in June.

"I don't want to sound self-righteous or egotistical," said Griffin-Valade, who noted that the city charter requires Portland's auditor to resign before running for mayor or City Council. "But I sort of understand where it's coming from."

So there. Don't participate in the further destruction of Portland. Write her in for mayor: Lavonne Griffin-Valade.

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No kidding.

And folks should not dilute & ruin the whole idea and protest message of the write in by suggesting 4 other write in names. Pull out of it if you are about to.

Jack came up with Lavonne long ago, way out in front of any other write in suggestions and she is as able as anyone.

Just read it over on the O. LVGV sounds like she's supporting it as much as she can without quitting her day job first.

"It sends a message," Griffin-Valade said. "Whoever wins the mayoral race will really need to work on building trust within the community."

Neither one printed on the ballot will do that.

I wrote in Scott Fernandez, since he is actually running for Mayor, and Valade is not.

I wrote in LaVonne Griffin-Valade and turned-in my ballot on Saturday, 20 October.

On Monday evening (10/22) I received a call from a phonebank, reminding me to vote.

Upon informing him that my ballot was already submitted, the caller asked if I'd share the name of who got my vote for mayor.

It was nice to reply "Neither of the candidates on the ballot...I used the option to write-in LaVonne Griffin-Valade."

There was a bit of a pause, then a "thanks" and a click.

LaVonne is a no brainer. It's far better than "your cheatin heart" Charlie Hales or "death spiral" Smith. When even left of center Duin can't back either Hales or Smith, you know it's time to use the write in.

Nice work, Jack.

Now about that presidential race: if you know that Obama is going to disappoint you again, and you can't stand Romney, maybe you should write in Gary Johnson. Or LaVonne Griffin-Valade. Or your cat.

Thank you for suggesting that voters consider writing a candidate of their choice. When the mayoral race spiraled down to one, I decided to run a virtual campaign for mayor, promoting myself as a write-in candidate. My tongue-in-cheek Facebook only effort at least points out that anyone who wants to make Portland a better place can run for mayor, but it takes guts to put yourself out there. Even if you're a viable candidate.

Looks like the O cannot or will not mention a serious write-in candidate such as Scott Fernandez. They have his press release, so what does that tell us?

Who owns the O? Fernandez may be doing better than the "Club" can tolerate, and I am thinking that those that gathered the 43,000 signatures within 30 days sent a message of alarm to the "Club" that people have had enough.

Perhaps the Scott Fernandez write-in ad in the Willamette Week, prompted the O to write this article to deliberately not mention Fernandez. The system simply does not like interference from their playbook. In my view, “insiders” may be worried that Fernandez as Mayor would interfere with some of their grand plans.

As far as I am concerned, we are at crossroads here, support one who would be a People's Mayor, for the public interest or end up with complaints continually as the "Insider's Club" and their candidates carry on with their agenda.


Portland's health and well being is critical to the whole region. I almost want to move there just to cast a cost for someone intelligent and reasonable. But then we have the same problem here in LO. Luckily we have a great alternative to the status quo - Kent Studebaker - a native Lake Oswegan who handles himself with integrity and decency. There is a great crop of candidates running this time that can bring fiscal sanity back to local government. Naturally the fat cats don't like this. Greg McPherson has collected over $52k for his campaign for mayor - several times more than any other city-wide candidate - from some big players in the development, garbage, and services fields. Special interest money abounds with his and John Gustefson's campaigns. This is a very interesting year for political races, and the old guard is fighting for its life.

I don't think it really matters which write-in name you choose. No write-in is going to be elected. If the goal is to deprive the winner of a clear mandate, you can even leave it blank. An undervote is, for this purpose, as good as a vote against.

I am writing in Scott Fernandez for mayor. Scott is informed, intelligent and actually cares about acting in the best interest of Portland's citizens, not corporate interests. If you believe Portland needs positive leadership, then writing in Scott Fernandez is the only way to go.

Lavonne for mayor, Jack for city auditor!

What are you guys thinking? We need an honest auditor!

Vote Scott Fernandez. Then we will have an honest mayor and a good auditor.

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