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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Latest from Portland City Hall: Asphalt is good for your health

The charade of study and public involvement surrounding the pending pave-over of bald eagle habitat on West Hayden Island by the Port and City of Portland continues apace. Now the Goldschmidt people pushing the new shipping terminal have blown who knows how much money on a "health study." The city, the county, and a couple of other odd-looking outfits were involved. And guess what: The study is quick to point out that all that wonderful development is going to create jobs, and well, jobs are good for your health:

If that doesn't make you throw up in your mouth a little, nothing will.

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It's like Babylonian conquerors did that "report." Who was the principal investigator, Marduk?

So there's an increased likelihood of decreased premature death?

Wow...the city really knows how to pile on the B.S.

I actually would have supported this project, but thanks to this blog I'm totally against it. Not to mention that Terminal 2 is empty and could use some family friendly job creation - AND it's the terminal closest to downtown Portland!


All those people with no parking in or around their condo bunker homesites will then have someplace to park...and then take the streetcar to their condo bunker.


They also point out the following (taken directly from the report):

FACTOR: Air Quality
There is sufficient research to reasonably expect increases in local and regional air pollution related to the development scenario. Analyses of air quality tend to categorize pollutants in two categories, criteria pollutants and air toxics. The development scenario is likely to result in substantial increases in both of these categories: 1) criteria pollutants, specifically nitrogen oxide (ozone), is predicted to exceed EPA regulatory standards and 2) air toxic levels, which are currently over the DEQ benchmark on Hayden Island, could increase threefold (from 20 to 65 times the state benchmark). The development scenario is expected to have minimal impacts on greenhouse gases. The predicted increased in air pollution can contribute to and exacerbate the following health outcomes: respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, premature mortality, and lung cancer.

That is one of the most amazing political documents I have ever seen. I tried to giggle, then started to sort of weep, now I've passed into the 'shock and awe' phase.


[in a deep and raspy voice]
"Yeah, it's real good for your health -- if youse don't try to stop us building it, we won't have to break your legs."

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