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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jail Duck chronicles, cont'd

A prominent player on the UC Nike football team was busted for driving under the influence the other night. Presumably alcohol. Hey, now that he might get tested for pot, he's got to cop a buzz somehow, and then he's got to get home. The NCAA should let the schools pay for these guys to hire cabs.

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That football team has lots of good athletes and a good depth chart. No problem. Next!

Nice pic of Mr Smith. After Jeffie's mea culpa data dump on Friday evening trying to explain away this particular problem, is there more dirty laundry out there to be exposed?

How much crap can one individual get into, and still think they are worthy to run for office?

Love the Jefferson Smith pic. Sums up what a terrible idea is was to put out a letter on Friday. He's still trying to recover politically and it's so transparent. He needs to leave the race and his ego is so big he can't see it. Taking full responsibility would mean stopping his campaign but his mom and dad probably won't have any of that.

Smith's written "apology" printed in whole in The Oregonian late yesterday afternoon is just staggering. What new type of "think" is this long-winded self-referential circuitous crap?


He definitely missed the "when you're in a hole, stop digging" memo.

That is because Jeffy is a hole...an a** hole!

We've got a free student funded safe-ride program, but it only runs til 12AM on Th nights. http://pages.uoregon.edu/saferide/Rules.html

Maybe the athletic department should have some of their "O-Heroes" volunteer as drivers?

College kids drinking! Hold the presses!

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