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Monday, October 1, 2012

It has begun

The news is straight out of Orwell yet again.

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One man sacrificing himself to help hold off the bacon crisis.

I call him a hero.

I'm a big fan of black humor, but that was in pretty poor taste Zach. Poor guy, how horrifying.

that was in pretty poor taste

The hogs enjoyed it.

Oh man...OH MAN...I was talking to a buddy tonight about this and we wondered if you'd pick it up Jack.

It's such a horrible thing to happen to a person, but the comedy is there, ready to be pointed out.


Would that be traif squared or just double traif? Long pig -- the other white meat!
(Zach started it!)

So who do you think got him: Napoleon or Snowball?

I wonder if the hogs had a couple sunny side up and some hash browns to go with it? Turn about seems to be fair play.

Some Pig indeed.

"It also says that police are looking into foul play."

Oh sure, blame the chickens...

This story reminds me of the book, Stranger in a Strange Land, where the highest honor is to be consumed by those that love you. I hope that was the case in this situation.

Makes me think of John Ross's novel, "Unintended Consequences" in which Henry Bowman disposes of a BATFE agent by feeding his body to a pen of hogs.

The book is often compared to "Atlas Shrugged."

If you have time, listen to some of this analysis:

My three pigs are about 100 lbs each and 1-1/2 months away from the freezer. They are happy to see me bringing hot breakfast every morning. While they have not shown any aggression, I thank goodness for a sturdy pen!

Here's what a 700 lb pig looks like: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRDfwzZwmIPvtU6TEDVM6qm4fi-QPy6w93kwKuaPsKLn-0t26iB

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