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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It could be worse

The Portland mayoral race has taken a bizarre turn, but it can't hold a candle to what's happening in the neighborhood of the Bush summer compound in Maine.

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Who says this isn't going on here?
You'd only know if somebody filed charges.

Interesting bell curve of client ages:

33 or less - 0 johns
34-39 - 4 johns
40-49 - 5 johns
50-59 - 9 johns
60-65 - 4 johns
66+ - 0 johns

Maybe we do need such a list here in Portland.

Of course, Goldschmidt and Adams would be right at the top of the list so of course such a list would not be publicized here in Portland.

Police on Monday released 21 names of men who were issued summons for engaging in prostitution with a 29-year-old Zumba instructor who's charged with turning her dance studio into a brothel in this seaside community and secretly videotaping her encounters.

"She was so young," Alison Ackley said. "She had a lot going for her. It's a shame she was hanging out with these older men and getting money from them."

2012 and we still are all hung up on people getting their rocks off. After more research, scientists have discovered that animals thought to be monogamous are nothing of the kind. There are almost no species of animals that mate for life with a single partner.

Here's a fun little coincidence - not to be taken seriously by anyone, please:

When I wrote my piece on Blue Oregon called, "Jefferson Smith? You've Got to Be Kidding," the responses were mostly angry. There were a couple out of the 56 comments that were supportive and then there was Carla Axtman who didn't get it. She wrote that the post was, "so unintelligible that I'm uncertain exactly what we're supposed to understand from it." I'm counting her as an "undecided."

However, there was one comment that went like this:
"8:27 a.m.
Oct 7, '12
Dear Mr.McDonald,

I have a Zumba class, massage, facial and clense scheduled for you. Followed by 10 sessions from the finest shrink in the city, specializing in objectivity.



I had never heard of a Zumba class, but reading this article from Maine it is definitely not what I thought.

Sounds much more like a Kennedy neighborhood than a Bush neighborhood

What does BUSH have to do with any of that arrest?

Kennebunk is not the same incorporated town as Kennebunkport. I've been to both towns. Kennebunkport is about 5 miles east of Kennebunk. And the Bush home is about another 2 miles southeast of Kennbunkport. And they don't have a streetcar or lightrail connecting the two to increase the prostitution crimes. But it sure is a picturesque car drive.

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