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Monday, October 22, 2012

How we're voting (so far)

We've got our ballot out and are ready to start blackening circles. Here's how we're planning to vote. In each case, we'll also give our degree of enthusiasm (DE) -- 0 is low, 10 is high -- and our degree of confidence that our choice will prevail (DC).

- President: Obama - DE 7, DC 6. He's quite a sellout, but much better than the alternative.
- Congress (3rd): Writing in our cat - DE 8, DC 0. Can we start thinking about getting a normal person in there when Lance Bowtie packs it in?
- Secretary of State: Buehler - DE 8, DC 6. Brown's bungled too much.
- Treasurer: Wheeler - DE 8, DC 10. Except for the expense account crap, he's been a solid performer.
- State Senator (22nd): Writing in our other cat - DE 7, DC 0. Wish we could get some turnover in the legislature.
- State Rep. (43rd): Frederick - DE 1, DC 10. Nutsy Smith's good buddy has not exhibited a mind of his own.
- Labor Commissioner: Avakian - DE 0, DC 8. The guy gags us, but his opponent kinda scares us.
- Supreme Court: Baldwin - DE 10, DC 7. The court needs to have a real trial judge in the mix.
- Court of Appeals: Egan - DE 8, DC 6. His opponent seems too buddy-buddy with the Usual Suspects in Portland.
- Mayor: Writing in Lavonne Griffin-Valade - DE 10, DC 1. Do not give Hales a mandate. Write in anybody.
- East Mult, Co. Soil & Water: Writing in Jefferson Smith for all three positions - DE 0, DC 0. Why do we have this board? What the heck does it do?
- Measure 77 (disaster): No - DE 2, DC 0. If this is no big deal, why do it?
- Measure 78 (editing constitution): No - DE 2, DC 2. For this, we're cluttering up the ballot?
- Measure 79 (forbids real estate transfer tax): No - DE 10, DC 8. There ought to be a real estate transfer tax.
- Measure 80 (legalize pot): No - DE 2, DC 7. Is anybody having difficulty finding pot these days? Let's not start up an OLCC for wacky weed and spend 20 years fighting the federal government. (And don't ask us to tell the stories about us OD'ing on pot in our youth. It can be done.)
- Measure 81 (fishing): No - DE 9, DC 9. Dumb, unfair.
- Measure 82 (casino): No - DE 9, DC 10. Are they gone yet?
- Measure 83 (more casino): No - DE 9, DC 10. "The Grange." Too funny.
- Measure 84 (estate tax repeal): No - DE 10, DC 8. This badly worded measure would gut the income tax, too.
- Measure 85 (dump corporate kicker): Yes - DE 6, DC 8. Both the kickers are dumb. And they'll never kick again in our lifetimes, anyway.
- Measure 26-143 (library taxing district): Yes - DE 6, DC 9. Let's stop with the yo-yo funding of the library. Maybe we can eventually get it away from Farquaad Cogen and the Sisters.
- Measure 26-144 (school construction pork bond): No - DE 10, DC 3. LEED Platinum study halls? The construction boys will make out, but the schools will continue to blow. Ask us for money for teachers.
- Measure 26-145 (police and fire pension changes): Yes - DE 2, DC 8. Whatever. Drop in the bucket.
- Measure 26-146 (head tax): No - DE 10, DC 8. Classic Sam Rand. Send those fops a farewell message.

Remember, your job as a voter is not to vote for the candidate or side that you think is going to win. Vote for what you think is right!

UPDATE, 10/23, 6:29 p.m.: Our other two picks are here.

Comments (46)

Is there a reason you didn't choose to write-in Scott Fernandez for Mayor? (He is at least actually running, and sure would be better than the two non-choices.)

I just can't vote for either party candidate anymore.

I like your write in for Mayor but I'm voting third party for every other race.

We gotta get out of this rigged two party farce.

I'll probably follow your recommendations for the ballot measures.

Jack, I find it amazing that with all of your wisdom and insight that you spout on this blog daily (I am serious here)that you could hold your nose long enough to vote for BHO. Our current President makes Bluemanure (god I like that name, glad I stole it) look like a right winged genius.
Did you watch the first debate? The President seems uninterested and clueless about what is envoled in doing his job. These guys clearly do not understand the economy here or abroad. A real Kate Brown moment.

Iam far from a Mitt fan however, like Stenchy I do recognize failure when I smells it.

Write in Ralph Nader, at least he has principals.

I do however appreciate you legal types weighing in on the Judges. This is one area that is nearly impossible for us normal folks to have a clue on who is worth a damn. Thanks.

Can't believe you kind of reccomend Obama. Holding your nose, covering your eyes and plugging your ears are also required to vote for the most racist, most political, most dishonest, and most divisive president ever. We can do a lot better with almost anyone else.

Sure, pot can be found if one is willing to take one's chances in the dangerous black market or if one qualifies under the currently very limited criteria for medical MJ. This measure (and those in Washington and Colorado) won't solve everything but will be a real step forward to a saner drug policy. And I think the feds are bluffing - if they really do intend to swoop in and enforce prohibition in the absence of state/local enforcement, why are they so strenuously urging a No vote? Call their bluff.

Write in Ralph Nader

Yes, that's worked so well in the past.

(And don't ask us to tell the stories about us OD'ing on pot in our youth. It can be done.)

I know you said don't ask, but now we need to know more.

Weed is pretty lame, but blowing so much money on fighting it is pure insanity.

The feds might not like it, screw 'em. Send the message.

I might vote 'no' because I don't really think we need a commission to regulate it.

"Holding your nose, covering your eyes and plugging your ears are also required to vote for the most racist, most political, most dishonest, and most divisive president ever."

Jesus. Do you guys really believe this crap?

Done and in the mail. Agreed with you on almost everything. Wrote in Griffin-Valade.

Actually, you also would believe that crap if you looked around, smelled the stench and listened to more than one voice.

"Jesus. Do you guys really believe this crap? "

Who's "you guys?" Didn't one person post that? I'd put Obama up there in the Biggest Fraud category, though. And I'm not voting for him again.

Jack, you missed the Portland City Council race.

Marijuana legalization is due. Let's stop wasting money and resources on such a minor offense. The income from the sale of Marijuana will completely cover the costs of running the commission and then some. Probably adding about $50-75 million to the State coffers annually.

As a younger gent, I can tell you all, marijuana is so incredibly easy to find. The drug cartels and gangs supply is never-ending. We need to stop supporting criminal gangs ala prohibition and start funding our schools with money from something that people WILL do regardless of how hard it is to find. Just MO.

"most racist, most political, most dishonest, and most divisive president ever"

Hmm...I can only respond by saying that if you don't know history, you don't know much.

Rather vote 3rd party than continue to support the following:

NDAA indefinite detention.

Drone assassinations of American citizens without due process.

Drone attacks of citizens in Yemen, Somolia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya.

False statements about the number of civilians killed in drone attacks.

An unprecedented level of whistleblower retaliation.

Forcing citizens to buy health insurance through the IRS.

Making taxpayers bail out insolvent banks.

Destruction of small farms.

Monsanto cronyism and the FDA.

TSA gropings and molestation.

Kidnapping of veterans for their "patriotic" facebook posts.

False arrest of occupy activists for their association with "anarchists".

The raid and subsequent destruction of state sanctioned medical marijuana facilities in Oakland and elsewhere.

Restricting gun ownership for veterans.

Allowing wanton destruction of the environment in exchange for paltry fines (BP).

Allowing BP to enforce illegal curfews on public beaches.

Allowing banksters to destroy the economy and commit fraud with impunity.

Allowing a settlement for deficient mortgage contracts.

Engaging the U.S. through NATO in two illegal wars of "humanitarian plunder".

Aiding, abetting, facilitating the very same terrorists to topple wealthy nations that refuse to play ball with the IMF.

Turning a blind eye to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's civil rights abuses.

Turning a blind eye to the Bush administration's war crimes, torture and rendition.

Continued waterboarding in Libya.

Allowing CIA contractors to wantonly assassinate citizens in exchange for blood money in Pakistan (and lying to the world about Raymond Davis's diplomatic status).

Executive power grabs through orders claiming federal ownership of everyone's resources whenever the fed's declare a circumstance to be a national emergency.

Allowing increased surveillance of U.S. citizens via trapwire, which includes extraneous use of red light cameras.

Restricting visa's for citizens behind on their taxes.

Escalation and continued presence in two illegal wars: Afghanistan and Iraq.

Setting up an unconstitutional database of citizens through the biometric retina scans, fingerprints and photographs with no justification or probable cause. (HIIDE database system).

And if you're in Tigard don't forget to vote YES on Measure 34-203 requiring a public vote before City Council can spend money on light rail.

DE = 9; DC = 7

I mean, any president who owned slaves or supported segregation had to be more racist than Obama, no? Wouldnt Abe Lincoln have to be more divisive? More political and dishonest than Dick Nixon.

Jack -

Are you not voting in the State AG contest?

"Contest"? Is there a "contest"?

I am sad that I have to hold my nose, to a certain extent, and vote for Obama. However the prospect of that lying Mittens and that inane wife of his, who thinks an LDS mission is the same as serving in any branch of the US military is more than I can stand.

Jack, you missed the Portland City Council race.

You're right -- but as I've previously made clear, I'm voting for Fritz.

Thank you Dick Smith for helping me make up my mind on my vote for President...another vote for President Obama.

I'm a yes on the pot measure. Enforce the DUII laws, keep it away from kids as best you can, but otherwise, let adults do what they choose with it.

I'm voting yes on M80 for two reasons:

1. Although anyone with a diverse social circle can figure out how to acquire MJ for recreational purposes, having prohibition on the books just makes an A$$ out of the law. When the law is an A$$ on one subject, then some will conclude that the law must be an A$$ on other subjects. Prohibition enforcement hasn't worked, end the charade.

2. Putting MJ in the liquor stores will make it easier to end the state liquor monopoly. The only drawback to privatizing the OLCC is that you end up throwing all those store owners out of work. Pass M80 and privatizing liquor sales will only throw a few thousand pot dealers out of work.

Look at this as an evolutionary process from prohibition-state to a control-state to a (regulated) free market state. Hopefully it won't take MJ 80 years to move out of the control-state model.

The Multnomah County Library (MCL) is seeking to increase it's levy by 40% from the current $.89 to $1.24 per $1000 of assessed property value and create a library district to make this increase permanent. MCL claims that the passage of this measure is necessary to provide stable funding to the library, restore library hours to where they were this past June, and ensure that money collected for the library cannot be used for other programs. The Oregonian is recommending a no vote on the library district measure. It is the first time the paper has ever recommended rejecting a library funding measure. Some important facts to consider:

MCL's current, property tax compressed budget of $58.8 million dollars remains higher than any library system in the country with 20 or fewer branches (MCL has 19 branches including the central library). MCL would still have the largest budget among it's peers if it's budget were to be cut an additional $10 million dollars to $48.8 million.

Since 1999, MCL's budget has increased almost every year, a total of more than 50%. Hardly what anyone would call "unstable" funding. 100% of the money collected for the levy has always gone to the library.

The closure of the central library and all of the branches on Mondays following the renewal of the MCL's local option levy in May is almost certainly a political trick, perpetrated to make the case for the permanent library district. Even if one were to believe the library couldn't stay open seven days a week with (by far) the largest budget in the country among systems it size, it raises the question of why it didn't request an increased levy in May. Every single levy request in the past was an increase from the previous one. The May levy request was flat.

The Charlotte (NC) public library system has 20 branches and manages to stay open seven days a week (4 days until 8pm) with a budget of $30 million dollars. The Denver Public Library has 25 branches, has hours seven days a week and a budget of $32 million dollars. The Seattle Public Library has 27 branches. All of MCL's branches including it's central library could fit inside Seattle's impressive main library, with room left over. And Seattle manages to keep library hours seven days a week, remaining open until 8pm four days a week. Yet Seattle's library budget at $51 million dollars is 12% lower than MCL's property tax compressed reduced budget.

The Library Journal, the industry bible, has ranked the Seattle Public Library higher than MCL, and the Denver Public Library the same as MCL over the past two years.

While MCL makes the claim that it circulates more items than any other library besides New York's, this has never been independently verified. These are MCL's own numbers. The King County Library (suburban Seattle) and the Cuyahoga County Library (suburban Cleveland) also claim to circulate more items than any library other than New York's. What we do know is that MCL's circulation figures are heavily influenced by renewals. MCL allows renewals of items checked out starting the day after they're initially picked up - up to more than 300 times a year. You and I might think an item checked out and kept on somebody's shelf for a year or more, while being renewed every week, has circulated once. MCL would count it as circulating 50 or more times. Renewals make up more than 75% of MCL's circulation figures.

Finally, MCL has lied about the cost of the library district measure. It claims it would cost the "typical" homeowner an additional $49 each year. This is based on a home assessed at $140,000. However, the average home in Multnomah County is assessed around $200,000, meaning the cost to the "typical" homeowner would be closer to $70 a year. They've also lied about the impact passage of the library district would have on other government entities through compression. The Oregonian's Politifact called them out on this. Passage of the library district would cost the city of Portland at least $7 million dollars. Had the library district been in effect this spring, the city would not have had the money to bail out Portland Public Schools.

The Multnomah County Library is very well provided for. Before it's given any more money it should be audited to determine why it's so inefficient compared to other libraries its size. Please vote NO on the library district measure.

Jack is voting against Romney. The only way to do that is to vote for Obumma. Jack wants to take his vote away from Romney to help prevent Romney from taking Oregon's 7 electoral votes.

voting for anyone other than Obumma helps Romney. But, obviously a vote for Romney helps him the most ;-). However, none of it matters. Romney doesn't need Oregon's 7 electoral college votes. :-)

"Write in Ralph Nader

Yes, that's worked so well in the past."

Voting for corporate-sponsored Democrats and Republicans obviously isn't working, and yet you keep doing it again and again, don't you? If we keep holding our nose and picking the lesser of two evils, we're just going to wind up with more evil.

When I was a kid, they taught that one of the truly bad things about the USSR was that you could only vote for Communist Party candidates. How is it any different that people in the USA are brainwashed into thinking they can only vote for Corporate Party candidates?

Erik H

Tigard Measure 34-203 is a ruse that does not requiring a public vote before City Council can spend money on light rail.

It only requires a vote on any new fee or tax for light rail.

Read about the ruse in the only 34-203 argument in the voter's pamphlet.

Oh heck it aint that long so here it is

City of Tigard
Measure No. 34-203

Argument in Favor

VOTE YES or NO, it won’t matter.
34-203 is a meaningless ruse.
The Tigard city council is engaged in partnering with Portland, Metro,
TriMet and neighboring city councils to bring light rail to 99W.
The last thing any of them want is any real public vote to stop them.
The city council knows they do not need any new fee or tax for to
make light rail possible. Tigard can and will simply borrow against their
general fund without any public vote.
34-203 will never provide any real vote on Light Rail.
Unless the public intervenes the Tigard city council will do just as
Milwaukie and Clackamas County are attempting to do. Sacrifice
public safety and other essential services in order to pay their share of
another light rail boondoggle.
Citizens recently circulated an initiative petition to provide a real vote
on Light Rail. It came up just 46 short of the 3860 signatures needed.
Next time it won’t.
Tigard residents deserve a real vote on Light Rail.
For good reasons:
Milwaukie Light Rail on 99E is costing $204 million per mile.
99W Light Rail could cost over $300 million per mile!
WES is losing $500,000 per month.
In addition to huge costs of installation, taxpayers now have to
subsidize daily operations as well.
Metro and their partners are spending $10 million planning the
SW-99W Corridor from Portland to Sherwood. All prior corridor
studies have resulted in light rail and high density housing.
Maps show businesses will be lost to the right of way, MAX stations
and rezoning for high density housing.
Light Rail will bring obstructions, traffic, apartments, over-crowding, density, crime and inadequate parking.
Voters deserve a real vote.
Contact swrailvote@gmail.com to help.
Art Crino,
On behalf of the 1000s of Tigard residents who signed the petition
because they want a real vote on Light Rail.
This Information Furnished By:
Arthur D. Crino

... Going to the candidates debate [ Copyright © 2012 ABC News]
When you've got to choose
Ev'ry way you look at it, you lose

We'd like to know a little bit about you for our files
We'd like to help you learn to help yourself
Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home ...
- The Graduate

34-203 ruse:

I agree, but I'm voting yes anyways because it's a start.

I'd rather see a State Constitutional amendment requiring that all government bodies that have the right to enact or collect taxes, pass laws on ordinary citizens, OR spend a certain amount of money MUST have elected rather than appointed boards (thus subjecting each of TriMet's board members to a popular vote), AND another amendment requiring a public vote of all affected citizens on any project that costs more than a certain amount (which could mean potentially a statewide vote on any light rail project if state funds are used).

I may have expected taxbeans counters to point the people toward this business - but maybe not the ones with moral musk wrapped around the taxbeans ... or the old bean:
Colorado Tax Enforcer Tells ’60 Minutes’: Weed Beat the Recession in Denver, from Raw Story .COM, By Stephen C. Webster, October 22, 2012

In a 13-minute segment broadcast Sunday night, CBS's 60 Minutes explored Colorado’s budding medical marijuana industry, and heard from a former drug cop turned tax enforcer who insisted that the industry has helped Denver beat the recession.

That runs contrary to President Barack Obama’s logic: he said in 2010 that legalizing marijuana is not "a good strategy to grow our economy."

But the economic impact on Denver? According to Matt Cook, a former narcotics officer who oversees enforcement at the Colorado Department of Revenue, "it’s huge."

"Look at all the ...."

or not. You can show a person revenues2book but you can't make them duly look.

On another petition I vote to abolish Daylight Savings Time, or at least moderate the malaise so we 'spring forward' and 'fall back' only half-an-hour. Why isn't my issue on the ballot? Longnecked libs luv DST! ... or was it shortnecked fascists?

Jack, why hold your nose and vote for Obama? He's obviously going to win Oregon's 7 electoral votes (and if he can't win even Oregon, then he's going to get spanked by Romney, notwithstanding your vote). You're free to vote your conscience. Vote for Gary Johnson!

Oh well - two early votes today for Romney. You know the Democrats are desperate to win Nevada when Harry Reid comes out of hiding in Washington to make an appearance in Carson City for a few minutes.

The fun part is that because of the electoral college your presidential vote probably does not matter. Oregon will go Blue just like Texas will go red. Unfortunately we have to wait for our fate, which is in the hands of Ohio, Florida and Colorado. Whoopee. I am for Obama just because I want to watch all of the Obama haters twtich, foam and contort. They are so, so whacked. Almost makes you wonder if they have any idea how their hysterical fantasies have taken over their rational thinking. Racist? Divisive? They must think Obama is the head of the Tea Party. Their Orwellian use of language is quite amazing to read.

Checking in from Southwest Ohio here.

I just want the election to be over. I've probably received about 20 pounds of election direct-mail junk in my mailbox, and just about every television and radio ad is from the Campaign to Re-elect, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Romney for America, Crossroads GPS, or some other 503(c).

Two weeks more of this crap...

I don't see an answer to the question about Scott who's asking to be written in unlike Yvonne......you previously endorsed. Is there a reason for the change or just too late for him to ask?

Why hold your nose and vote for the status quo? You should vote 3rd party and hold your head high. Gary Johnson looks good to me.

I was planning to vote Romney (with nose held) but I'd happily pledge to cast my vote for Gary Johnson if I could get one (honest) nose-holding Obama voter to do likewise.

Whaddaya say Jack?

George -

Your Orwellian language is just as far over the top.

Everyone who opposes Obama or criticizes is performance is a racist?


Cats are supposed to be written in for mayor. That's what I did after I realized that Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is dead.

Jack - as I've stated before, I'm curious about your reasoning - why do you support a write-in protest candidate for Portland mayor but not for the President?

I'm writing in Ron Paul for President.

For anyone who objects, I see the existing two party choice as nothing more than Kang vs Kodos. And yes, I voted for Ross Perot.

Jack is not a libertarian, guys, or even a conservative. He's a middle-of-the-road liberal with a strong belief in good government. I suspect he'd rather spend a weekend at the beach with Sam Adams and Jefferson Smith than vote for Ron Paul.

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