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Saturday, October 27, 2012

How thoughtful of them

We always wait to turn in our ballot until nearly the last minute, just to see what kind of election porn the mailman brings. We got three glossy 8½-by-11 cards yesterday. First up, the library tax proponents want to cash in on any warm and fuzzy feelings people may be having toward the schools:

Still no adult males anywhere to be seen, of course.

Then something called Defend Oregon tells us how to vote on the ballot measures -- this one looks quite Wiener-esque:

Then Our Oregon (which we guess is the unions) weighs in on the candidates:

It's also got the statewide ballot measures, on the other side, in complete lockstep with Defend Oregon's recommendations.

We've already made our calls, here and here, but if we get something really ugly from some candidate or group, it could still cause a backlash. The ballots aren't due for another week and change.

Comments (7)

Those are definitely Wiener's colors.

What do the majority of the people think when they are pounded about how to vote and wow, look at all those organizations endorsing, must mean just about everybody in the know, right?

. . . or endorsed by everybody in the "club and inner circle?"

I voted already. My votes were exactly opposite of what they were recommending.

I don't think I could vote for world peace if I saw the AFSCME, SEIU & OEA endorsing it.

Who's supporting what is a real huge, sometimes very useful, clue.

Oh thank goodness somebody is discussing GOOD LIBRARIES. Because I hear that it's important to always always give more money for GOOD LIBRARIES, because good.

Funny how these ads never show the vagrant self-pleasuring to computer porn right out in the open, or the very bad-smelling runaway kids menacing you from the benches (just try sitting on one) and lurking in the bathrooms.

Just going up the steps to the Central Library is like running a frigging gauntlet these days, and the chuggers and petitioners are a part of that problem. It's the premier drop-in center for the addled, and the staff can't seem to do anything about it.

My new library is such a contrast. They don't put up with funny stuff. It's lovely, quiet, and smells decent. It's even open on Mondays. And I don't have to keep shoveling in more and more money for them to provide basic functions. I love it there.

The Defend Oregon recommendations, whatever else they may be, are not Wieneresque. Wiener was running the multi-million dollar casino campaign. DO recommends "no" on those measures.

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