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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

High heaven calls to complain about stink

If we lived in West Linn, there's no way we would vote for anybody who pulled a reckless stunt like this. As they used to say on The Gong Show, "Gong!"

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Trickey, who runs Northwest Market Research, insisted that the calls were made to encourage inactive voters.


They both need to be prosecuted for blatantly & fraudulently violating the "do not call" list laws. I'll vote for THAT.

"....there must be a pony in that pile...."

If this was a conspiracy, it was a particularly lame one. What with ballots showing up in the mail in a few days...

That woman and her marketing person are both idiots!
The problem is that Julie was elected to anything. She isn't qualified to be a telemarketer, let alone a legislator of anything!

I do not get what the reckless stunt or offense is.

Moreover, this race is between a responsible legislator who aligns with nearly everything
pursued on this blog against the sitting 12 year Metro Councilor Hosticka who is the opposite.

Now how has Parish somehow disqualified herself with this robo call matter and made Hosticka preferable? He's no better that Sam Adams, Charlie Hales, Jefferson Smith any other Rex, Earl or McFarlane.

I wonder if Jeff Mapes has knowledge of where the "inactive list" of voters came from. Since it was a state-wide list, did it come from Secretary of State? Where?

With several people claiming they weren't "inactive", how was this compiled. This should be an important part to the story, just as much as the calls. I get calls regularly from someone's list, so....?

Hosticka is hiding his 12 years of Metro experience in his campaign literature!! Claiming he's the "education" candidate!! huh?? If that's not deceiving the voters I don't know what is.

LO, good comment. Hosticka has been one of the strongest METRO advocates for urban renewal that steals $Millions from education (over $38 Million from PPS and $9 Million from Clackamas Co).

Like many candidates with prior history in government, Hosticka and others are hiding their connections and positions and making up new nomenclatures. They don't even like to use "D" behind their names.

They suggest that there is a problem with their inactive voting status that needs resolving.

So what? It appears they were wrong about people's registrations because they had a faulty list, but beyond that, so what? I'm not seeing some kind of nefarious plot here.

I listened to the recording of the robocall linked in the Oregonian's first story. I'm not sure what the big deal is about it. If the call went out to inactive voters I think it would make them more likely to update their registration and get a ballot mailed to them. Some people apparently got the call even though they were active voters. Isn't it plausible that the robodial company didn't use the most up to date list and some of them had already updated?

Also one of the ways that a voter can be listed as inactive is by not voting for five years. A lot of those types of inactive voters are simply people who moved without leaving a forwarding address. The phone numbers for those (long ago moved) voters were likely reassigned to active voters. That robodial message was probably not personalized (it was garbled in the beginning but I doubt they used any technology to have a computer voice read the names) so people on the receiving end would have no way of knowing whether the call was really intended for them.

Unless their call list was only democrats, I suspect they were just looking for a way to boost voter turnout among key demographics and didn't foresee how having inaccuracies in their call list would backfire on them.

I wouldn't attribute to malice what is adequately explained by incompetence.

I wonder if Jeff Mapes has knowledge of where the "inactive list" of voters came from.

I don't know if there is a statewide list, but anyone can purchase, at least, the Multnomah County list. See: http://web.multco.us/sites/default/files/elections/documents/co_voter_history.pdf

I don't get it? Is there some sort of intimidation or something going on?

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