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Friday, October 26, 2012

Hey bulldog

Jody Stahancyk, the Portland divorce lawyer who thrashed us in the wonderfully absurd Mayoral Madness contest last spring, is the subject of a profile in the Trib this week. The gist of the story is that people blurt their secrets out to her just so that she can't be hired by their spouses in upcoming divorce cases. In some ways, it's the best free p.r. Stahancyk could possibly get. She's portrayed as absolutely fearsome -- and that's the way she likes it.

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First time I heard of the phrase, "lawyer shopping", was overhearing a conversation from one of her clients. The fearsome profile is more diplomatic than the comment I heard.

About 25 - 30 years ago a Portland lawyer named Bill Schulte had a similar reputation in the matrimonial conflict arena.

At least one lawyer colleague of mine from those days claimed he paid Schulte for an hour's worth of advice and consultation every year, for the purpose on making sure that Schulte had a conflict of interest and would never be able to represent my colleague's spouse.

The Trib story is interesting and the anecdotes about Stahancik are entertaining, but the tactics, and reputation derived therefrom, are hardly original to Stahancik.

I don't believe our society benefits from advertising for "DivorceonDemand.com".

She makes her living depleting the wealth of others, including her own clients.

And I pity the man who spends year after year anticipating divorce.

Jody has brought the practice of law to a level so low that one needs a backhoe to find her style. Her ability to create, maintain and exacerbate animosity and conflict is directly opposed to solving her clients' problems. Her methods destroy families and make it impossible for people to co-parent and get along post-divorce.

If Jody were to suffer an untimely demise, the police could never pin the murder on anyone. How do you do that when there are thousands of people who have been destroyed by her in this city? Clients, their spouses, their kids, and dogs. Yes, dogs too. Not cats, because cats are evil and I bet Jody is a cat person.

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