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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here's lookin' up your records

A couple of readers have suggested that there must still be a court file somewhere on the Jeffy Smith 1993 assault case in Eugene Municipal Court. We'll buy a nice lunch for anyone who can dig it up. The case number, as we now all know, is 93-16737.

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They're all probably out at target practice. We'd be poking around Lane County Circuit Court.

Does OJIN go back that far?

And what storage fire is Sluggo talking about, anyway? Did that really happen? Or, did he fall behind in his rent or forget to pay the bill or something and lose it all to the storage vultures?

From past research I believe OJIN goes back to 1988 or so. I don't know if a Eugene Municipal Court docket will be in there, however.

If it can be found, the court file would likely contain only the charging instrument, the diversion agreement, and the order of dismissal. Perhaps some paperwork reflecting court appearances such as arraignment. The police report would have all the juicy details and only the PD and the DA would normally have a copy of that.
There has been talk that Smith had the record of this incident expunged. Interestingly, under ORS 137.225, an arrest and/or a conviction may be expunged. However, it was reported that he was "cited," not arrested. As a professor at a fancy east coast law school might say: query whether a citation with no subsequent conviction can be expunged.

I wonder if The Emerald ever reported anything about this case. Back in the 60's and 70's they were good about reporting these kinds of incidents that ended up in court.

LW. You are off by over a decade. This went down in 93.

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