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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

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You're good at that.

Both of these guys make BOO have quite a different meaning on Halloween...

I hate it when older guys put on costumes they have no business wearing...but enough about the Lakers.

Seriously, if you're stuck for a costume, carve a hole through a backboard and go as a Dwight Howard free throw.

Hey If the suit fits , put the damn thing on.

And yet, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill) will coast to victory despite not working or making any public appearances for several months.

Depending on who you believe, he suffers from bipolar, exhaustion, and/or alcoholism yet Illinois voters will return him to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Finally, a colleague that makes Rep. Bowtie look like a high achiever.

Allister Crowley had a mule and leg irons to go with his outfit for his Author's photo in "The Book of Lies".... Bloggsters give the edited version! Happy Halloweeneee

I just saw a Charlie Hales ad on KGW.

"I can't wait until we start "visioning...." says Hales.

We're doomed. I gotta get my house listed NOW! (well maybe a new roof first)

Those are great looking pumpkin carvings on that masthead.
I know the children are enjoying the holiday. Many adults are too.

However, the children in our city are owed an apology that the adults of their community couldn't do better than those two in our election.

The Portland oligarchy that run the agenda around here including every effort possible to control the elections as well ought to be ashamed. I am particularly disgusted with all the minions that go along.

"I can't wait until we start "visioning...." says Hales.

I can believe that Hales is itching to get more of his brand of visioning done!
Didn't we get enough the last time he was Planning Commissioner?
In my opinion, he played with our codes like a land use chess game.

Quite frankly, I think we have been over visioning. I think the city prefers to keep the people busy on visioning meetings and plans while they take care of the “real business” behind closed doors. It is handy for the city to have these “visioning” meetings and dreaming about the future plans rather than be faced with hard questions dealing with the reality of today. Look, I recognize the need to think of the future too, but not at the expense of keeping people focused on 40 years from now instead of . . . .

By the way, I read Seth Woolley's legal document last night, who else here has?
It does not look like Hales is legal to have his name on the ballot to run for Mayor. Thank you to Woolley for being persistent on this matter. Kate Brown should have acted on this. Now what? Will we hear mea culpa no matter what the law, we only look forward because the election happened?

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