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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hales ahead by 20 points

Smith can't win. Write in Lavonne Griffin-Valade for mayor. Don't give Char-Lie a mandate.

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My ballot is in the mail. I wonder how many of us entered Lavonne. Consider it a cry for help. And a chance to get the robo callers off my back...

My mom lives in east Portland and is almost 90 now. I asked her if she knew who she was going to vote for in the upcoming mayor's race. She answered, "sheesh, have you paid any attention to the two clowns we have to choose from." Nice to know the candidates have endeared themselves so convincingly to our older citizens.

As in most times our Seniors know Best,
gibby's mom get's my vote .

Too bad. the vote just gobbles up these folkes

I was visiting some relatives who are Obama supporters in Beaverton over this last weekend, and I usually try to avoid talking politics as it usually just makes everybody mad. But to my surprise, everyone of these progressive leaning relatives thanked the lord they don't live in the city of Portland (as I do). They laughed about the two misfits running for Portland Mayor, and the two misfits in the process of leaving (Adams and Leonard).

Lavonne for sure has my write in.

I'm starting to see signs on lawns for Scott Fernandez.

Interesting lawn sign seen yesterday (in Alameda, no less):

No Income Tax
No School Board Tax
No Portland Library Tax

We Can't Afford Any New Taxes

Presumably the "income" tax means the arts head tax. Not everyone in this blue 'hood is voting reflexively for the Portland status quo.

I wrote in Scott Fernandez for Mayor. He's been running a serious write-in campaign for months that's why his lawn signs are all over town.

I went so far as to write Lavonne's name in on my ballot, then decided to reread some of Scott Fernandez' statements, at which point I had a change of heart, erased Lavonne's name, and wrote in Scott's.

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