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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ground under Fukushima is sinking, Japanese official says

It's the ground under unit 4, one of those with the spent fuel pool issues that everybody's been worried about for the last 19 months. The ground has reportedly sunk by more than 30 inches since the triple meltdown, and it could be sinking unevenly, which may cause the building to collapse. A collapse of that structure would likely drain the spent fuel pool, cause a fire, and wreak unprecedented damage on the world environment. But hey, anybody who's worried about this must be a kook, right? Pass the corn flakes.

Comments (6)

Why didn't they bury this thing in concrete like Chernoble at the beginning? Is that still even a possibility?

My tin foil space suit will protect me.

But it's for the kids...

The elites aren't spending billions and billions on underground bunkers and Southern Hemisphere hideaways for nutt'n.

Or the Rice Krispies. The ground's probably not sinking so much as sliding away since it's been supersaturated with millions of tons of water dumped on it, and add to that the massive weight of the "built environment" sitting on top of it, and melting down. "Snap, crackle, pop!"

World environment is a bit far fetched, there's lots of water between here and there

Sure gonna mess up the local waters for a long, long time,tho. You can't contain radiation with a floating boom, like an oil spill

Will we finally find a 3 eyed fish?

Excuse me, genius, but if the spent fuel cool catches fire, it will be worldwide catastrophe. Worldwide. Airborne. Got it?

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