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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Great moments on the internet, cont'd

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*wince* Could've just as easily been an ad for a new car or collision repair or caskets. Bots have no conscience. Kinda like Portland politicians.

It's not the ad -- it's the headline on the news story.

Two Children, a dead (something) found dead (plural)in car in Wash -- which could either mean the state or some cleansing machine. Simple!

The car was not dead, apparently.

Yeah, the headline was a wreck, too. The ad was appalling.

A recent headline on the BBC feed went like this: "Pedestrian Killed After Being Hit By Car". I don't know. It just seems harsh.

The new title is now "2 children, 1 dead, found in filthy WA car" which seems a little better.

This was not from a Spokane news media web site because they would have spelled things incorrectly.

It would have been nicer if two children, one dead, had been found alive in car.

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