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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get off my lawn -- it costs more than your house

With all the neighborhoods in Portland who are having parking problems inflicted on them these days, guess which neighborhood's going to get parking help from City Hall first. Just guess.

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Big surprise. I was astounded when I wasn't allowed to park anywhere near Lewis and Clark while I was a student there. City streets aren't for everyone, apparently.

Back when I was a house painter I got accosted by a meter maid up off Barbur Boulevard. It seems that to park on the city streets in that neighborhood required a "pass" which the homeowner I was working for had forgotten to give me. The meter maid had pulled up behind my van and chastised me about parking there. I told her that I was working and for her to do what she had to do. Funny thing is the lift was down on the back of the van and she couldn't see the license plate.
She sat there a bit and then said, "well I'm going to let you off with a warning"..
Apparently she was too lazy to get out of the scooter to lean down and look.
The homeowner was very apologetic.. and the leftover carrot cake left was yummy !
Apparently the parking district is the result of OHSU and VA employees parking all the way down near Barbur and walking up the hill.

Isn't a rule like this inherently racist?

It certainly isn't equitable. Is it, Amanda?

There are people who park near council crest park and then visit the park and and go on to walk in the neighborhood to enjoy the views and the homes up there. The people who live up there don't like it. If the parking district passes people will only be able to stay for under two hours and they think that will limit that type of activity. Got to keep the riff raff out you know.

I wonder it this would happen if there was enough off street parking in the "down town" area.

Why is this a problem? I thought the public transit in Portland was so fantastic people didn't have to drive cars anymore.

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