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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Get away from it all

And we mean really far away, with this 360-degree photo from Mars. Go full screen, and you are there. Pretty amazing. [Via Cousin Jim.]

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That is very cool. However, my wife (who is a hard-core Republican) just said looking over my shoulder, "Just wait, the environmentalists are probably going to bitch about tire tracks being left on Mars."
Gave me giggle.

I'm an environmentalist and I like the donut Curiosity spun up there... It's nice to see that not all hard-core Republicans reject out-of-hand anything having to do with science or knowledge... if only to make a baseless slur against other people...

Wow! Very cool!! I can already visualize the bike paths and condos. Clean slate for starting over, eh?

Me, I've been waiting for this since Viking 1 touched down when I was nine. I'll never get tired of it. NEVER.

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