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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gearing up

Stenchy, the official Portland food slop rat, plans a big celebration
for the first anniversary of the city's new composting regime.

Comments (6)

Happy Burfday Stenchy !

I am so sorry that you do not live in a better place!
The Oak Grove Community Concil wishes you a better place in life.

Stenchey you really are stanky!!

Nice threads. Perfect for that modern rat about town.

Count Stenchula very scary! Make skin crawl, aaahhhhooooOOOOO!

Stenchy for Mayor of Portland!

It's pretty stylish the way the red in Stenchy's collar sets off the red in his eyes.

Stenchy looks slimmer since you ditched the scrap bin.

At some place on my ballot, I'll write in Stenchy.

Not sure where, but I will.

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