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Monday, October 29, 2012

From Matt Wuerker

Copyright 2012 by Matt Wuerker. Used by permission.

Comments (7)

Of the entire political cartoonist establishment Matt Wuerker is the most amateurish and super Nazi left biased I have ever seen. Matt get a life. There are a lot of leftist idiots just as stupid as the right wing nuts you portray. You never mention the lefty idiots in your cartoons. There will be poetic justice as Romney and moderate conservatives are going to win this election cycle.

Holy smokes! A cartoonist being amateur, no way! You may want to peruse the archives of this guy before you post an idiotic response. Looks like he takes swings at everybody.

P.S. I always enjoy a reference to the Nazis shows who really is crazy.

He's just upset that HW and Babs were not drawn in matching outfits. (Lighten-up John, it's not as if he drew her having ca'nkles.)

You have to admit all of these old white guys talking about what they know about rape is so ridiculous it just HAS to be lampooned by cartoonists.

Calling someone a leftist Nazi shows a lack of historical understanding, understanding of current political alignments, or both.

Also calling Romney a moderate confuses me. How can one know what Romney is? The debate Romney? The Governor Romney? The primary Romney?

Don't be mad bro! Go vote! Your guy has a shot.

To paraphrase, "John, you ignorant slut."

Yes, let's label one party as pro-rape and then wonder why can't the parties compromise, why are people so angry this election, and why can't we all be civil? Ugly, ugly stuff.

WIth 16 trillion in debt - 6 Trillion added under Obama, a fiscal cliff looming, a failed stimulus, no budget for three years, Solyndras, a failure of Obama to help Americans fighting Islamic terrorists as the terrorists take over American territory, Fast and furious etc I can see why Obama supporters want to talk about anything but the failed policies of this president.

BTW why can you politicize the killing of Osama bin Laden, but not Benghazi? The failure of this president to act over 6 hours and three calls for help from Americans is news. Obama watched them fight to the death and Nothing.


Keep it up. Always good to hear the carefully-reasoned, utterly-coherent, not-at-all-hyperbolic, and completely-true-without-question arguments against Obama... But I think you should have added a socialistic or communistic argument in there somewhere, too. Oh and, it wouldn't hurt to mention Obama is Kenyan...

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