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Monday, October 1, 2012

From Klan to Cogen

Our friend Jewel Lansing has a new book out -- a political history of Multnomah County, co-authored with former Oregonian reporter Fred Leeson. She's given us a free copy, and we're planning to dig in soon. We hope it's not too wonky. Oh, what could be written about the Mean Girls, for example.

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Jack: Thanks for posting this. I worked at Multnomah County 1976-1990. I just ordered the book and am excited to begin reading. And, yes, I was a firsthand observer of the Shadburne Malapropisms.

Jack, looks interesting. Could you ask the author if she or her publisher would put out a Kindle version? I've got far too many books cluttering up the bookshelf and ebooks keep the domestic situation tranquil.

The publisher is Oregon State University Press.

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