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Saturday, October 6, 2012

From Daoud

Our friend and frequent contributor Bill McDonald's brother, David, is in the Peace Corps in Morocco. His nickname over there is Daoud. This week a couple of items came across the airwaves from him, and Bill's passed them along. First, a wonderful photo:

Click on it for a bigger version. Gorgeous. Bill writes: "You could call it 'Sky Over Morocco.' He feels a little sheepish that it was so easy to get -- he didn't spend six months in the jungle, or anything, getting the perfect shot. The truth is, he was on the roof hanging up his laundry."

Later in the week, the brother wrote:

As you probably heard in the news, Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was killed in Libya, was a Peace Corps volunteer (PCV) in Morocco during the 1980s. At a recent Peace Corps meeting, one of my fellow PCVs, Melanie Kondrat, told me that she was going to visit the village were Stevens worked as it was near her site. What a brilliant idea and she has now posted her story on her blog:


I have been in the Peace Corps long enough and like it so much that it really does feel like one of our extended family members has been tragically taken away. I think Melanie did a great job writing her story. Please share this link with anyone or any organization (like your local newspaper) if you think they might want to know more about Chris Stevens's impact as a Peace Corps volunteer.

And so we have.

Comments (5)

Thanks for running this Jack. I also want to ask anyone who comments to do it here - especially if it's political. I wouldn't want this to lead to any unfortunate comments ending up on the link.

These people are out there representing us, so don't screw it up for them with some weird comment about Libya, etc...left on a blog that originates in Morocco.
That would be majnoon. (crazy)

WOW! Just wow!
Thanks for sharing. Gives me hope for the future.

Food for the soul. Thank you.

It is a privilege to read this, and thanks to Jack and Bill for passing this on.
It will take a long time to show the world we really mean well, and sending out our bright people has to be seen as a more sincere expression than a bucket of money.
Slightly off topic, a lot of people worry that young folks can't write. This one certainly can.

In some ways, the terrain is not much different from that 360 degree view of Mars photo you posted.

Very cool.

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