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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fremont cr-apartment foes lawyer up

The neighbors who are trying to take a stand against the scoundrels who are going to steal their parking for a soulless apartment bunker revealed the other day that they're likely hiring an attorney. It's a valiant gesture, but we're not confident that it's going to get them anywhere.

The sad part is that most of the outraged neighbors will probably vote for Char-Lie Hales for mayor. He's the cr-apartment weasels' bestest, bestest friend forever, but Portland voters are notoriously stupid.

Comments (6)

"Dead neighborhoods walkin'!"

Or, "parking'," should I say?

Charlie Hales is clever with words.
When he says a moratorium on apartments without parking spaces - isn't he the one who eliminated the parking requirement in the first place?

In my opinion, he would suggest a moratorium in order to "get votes" and if he gets in then he might make some small change or not at all with more clever words such as -
after reviewing. . . . . .
Besides he knows there are more apartment projects in the works already, so too late to change those and quite difficult for neighborhoods to challenge if the codes were changed and adhered to. I hope these people realize that the "job was well done for developers" when Hales as Planning Commissioner degraded/changed good codes we had.

Hales has been the developer maniacs' boy ever since he first ran for office. Portland voters remind me of classic abuse victims, going back again and again voting for the same kind of abuser politicians -- aka "The Portland Syndrome."

Write in for Mayor: LaVonne Griffin-Valade. You'll be glad you did.

Is LaVonne Griffin-Valade a serious candidate for Mayor?
I have not heard nor seen anything of her interest or involvement.
I will be glad to write in Scott Fernandez.

Hey, that's cool, clinamen.

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