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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Flush, flush, sweet Charlotte

Wow, the dough keeps rolling in in the effort to stop the Clackistani rebellion. Embattled rogue county chair Charlotte Lehan has picked up some fat checks lately from the various players in the light rail mafia, including $2,500 from the League of Conservation Voters and a sweet little $500 truffle from the Ball Janik law firm -- her ally in the "urban renewal" ballot measure episode. Meanwhile, rebel John Ludlow continues to live off big bucks flowing in from Rob Kremer's tighty-righty PAC, which in turn gets major moolah from Stimson Lumber Co. of Forest Grove. It's a classic showdown -- the most interesting race in the region by far.

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2012 Oct 23 Tuesday 13:35 U (1:35 PM PT)

Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners (CCBC)
has received a presentation by the City of Lake Oswego
Economic Development Department (LOED) on the formation
of the Foothills Urban Renewal Area.


Item 3b at 11:00 AM (11:00 U)

Will be interesting to see (hear) if the CCBC considers the material
that was sent to them this morning. It was about cut-through
traffic from the Foothills URA that will evolve and back up
OR Hwy 43 by five “T” intersections placed in less than six
blocks or 1,200 ft – Terwilliger Blvd south to “D” Ave.

In the transmittal e-mail I suggested that members of the CCBC
along with LO City Council and all other committees could
experience cut through traffic effects on Dunthorpe area
[Riverdale NA (Multnomah Co / Portland) plus
Birdshill CPO / NA (Clackamas Co / Lake Oswego)] by
volunteering as traffic flaggers (matadors) on Terwilliger Blvd
in presence of downhill bound 50 mph traffic in a posted 35 mph zone.

Closure and diversion of traffic off Terwilliger Blvd is to
occur between east end of Lake Oswego and destinations of
Lewis and Clark College, NW School of Law, and Riverdale HS.
Due to sewer construction circa 2013 March – 2013 October. See:
File: REPT_DKSX_PBES_TBGS_Dvrsn_2012_09Sep_26We_1700U.pdf
Please note this is a DRAFT CONCEPT ONLY.

Good Luck to all commuters and Lake Oswego tax / rate payers
for the evolution of the Foothills Urban Renewal Area.

Charles Ormsby (Skip)
Birdshill CPO / NA Chair 2012 – 2013
EM: birdhillcpona@gmail.com

However it ends up, this may be a warning shot across the bow for the planner-types who do what they want regardless of public input.

Mr Bog is right, this will be interesting.

What the planner-types don't seem to realize is that many Clackamas County residents are refugees from Portland who wanted to escape to another jurisdiction. Their resentment must not be underestimated.

Grumpy, Oh, you are so correct. I moved to get out of PDX and just mailed my ballot today. I voted for Ludlow and Tootie Smith (gotta love that name).

I read about Charlotte and John in my parents' Clackamas County section of the O the other day. Of course Ludlow is being called someone with "strong opinions". Having found myself dismissed with that phrase and feeling that I spend so much of my life doing research to the point that it is sometimes hard to form or maintain a fixed opinion, it seems a pretty standard cheap shot. Ironically, when Goldschmidt diverted federal funds from highway construction to light rail ( saying "let there be light rail", isn't that a pretty strong unnuanced opinion, one that has turned out to be as fixed as fixed rail?

I have lived in huge cities and small towns. I never lived anywhere where it was so difficult to carry out adult conversation as it seems to be in Portland metro.

I sort of feel sorry for Charlotte, a self-described introvert. She is being used to promote a fixed agenda where there never was much public input.

Cruising through Clackistan Sunday, I spotted a number of signs which stated "John Ludolw is a bully." I couldn't read the small print describing who the message was attributed to. That's a pretty pathetic message. Laughable, actually.

As I have stated before here, I have found John to be a gentleman of conservative views. I guess the liberals consider that a bullying attitude. Screw 'em.

Here's hoping for a BIG win for Ludlow.

But anything could happen. As Comrade Stalin is supposed to have said, "It is not important who votes or how many ballots are cast. What is important is who counts the votes."

Like those great UNWANTED posters say


Lehan & Damon

"They sent $20 million of your tax dollars to TriMet 4 days before you voted to stop them!"

Additional charges:
Opposed the 70% of Clackamas County voters who demanded an end to Urban Renewal abuse.

Opposed the 63% of Clackamas County voters who rejected the Sellwood Bridge fee increase.

Elect Ludlow and Tootie by a huge margin.

I have been researching smart growth and planner-speak for a couple of years now. It seems no matter how slimy or rotten it gets, I am still surprised at the willful lies and deception that goes on and to see how our pathetic politicians are being played. I should be immune by now but I'm not. I still believe there are people of courage and integrity who want to do good.

I do believe the tide is turning, but the troops need to storm the fortress at PSU so we can attack the self-absorbed thinking at its source. As long as schools turn out such a poor product more concerned with a political agenda than they are with the people they serve, we need to boycot their product. Planners are our servants, not the other way around. I hope a good deal of them have another skill set - maybe the problem with government workers is that they don't have a good concept of where money comes from. Developers too.

Revenge is best served cold- I hope Charlotte likes Iced Tea.

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