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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fluoride lobbying scandal at Portland City Hall

So many backroom deals are made in Portland city government. The politicians are supposed to disclose all the meetings with the lobbyists and other favor-askers, but do they? Don't make us laugh. The latest episode: the rush-rush summertime move to fluoridate the city's water supply:

According to a recently filed disclosure, lobbyists reported meeting with Commissioners Randy Leonard on July 26, Dan Saltzman and Nick Fish on Aug. 2, Amanda Fritz on Aug. 6 and Mayor Adams on Aug. 27 to push for fluoride in public drinking water.

But those same city officials -- who are required to publicly post their calendars on a quarterly basis -- either didn't disclose the meetings about fluoride or left a vague subject heading. Adams and Leonard say they weren't actually present at the meetings....

Leonard said in an email Friday that he never met with Upstream Public Health on July 26, despite the group's assertion that it had a "personal meeting" with him. Leonard said the meeting involving Upstream Public Health was with Stuart Oishi on his staff.

Adams' spokeswoman Caryn Brooks said Friday that Adams never met personally with Upstream Public Health, either. She said that Upstream instead met with herself and Amy Ruiz, Adams' deputy chief of staff, on Aug. 27. But Brooks did say that Adams called Upstream about fluoride -- which doesn't appear on the group's report -- and he also ran into representatives at Davis Street Tavern.

Fish said in an email Friday that Kayse Jama, a founder for the Center for Intercultural Organizing, requested the Aug. 2 meeting but told Fish's office it was about a "broad health equity strategy." Fish said he didn't learn the topic until the meeting.

And the fluoride pushers, they appear to be scofflaws as well:

As for Upstream Public Health, it didn't register as a lobbying group until Aug. 16. The Oregonian broke news of the fluoride push, and the group's stealth lobbying efforts, Aug. 9.

According to city code, lobbyists are required to register with the city "within three working days after a lobbying entity has spent 8 hours or more or estimates that it has spent cumulative 8 hours or more during any calendar quarter lobbying."

Any thinking Portlander has to wonder what else has been going on behind the curtains with that deal. And so many others.

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What is the punishment for failing to disclose the meetings?

What is the punishment for failing to properly register as a lobbying group?

There is no doubt ALL members of the council were coached on how to respond to valid and scientific objections to poisoning our water.

Of course they don't want to expose the fact that they were coached to spew out false and misleading responses.

Can we see by a show of hands... WHO exactly is surprised this was a "DONE DEAL" well before it was ever put on the council agenda or any citizen input? Anyone?

Zealots, extremists, and grafters continue to flock into the area in order to build their vision of the world or fleece the naive and have managed to weasel into positions of government, increasingly by dishonesty. The end the result is a continuing decay of quality of life in Oregon everywhere in the state.

This begs the question:
Is Oregon headed towards turning into a sort of "American Afghanistan"

"So many backroom deals are made in Portland city government."
Social Media: Here is Parent Susan as she calls out the SPIN... the Re-Framing of America in the public schools... in OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS... time to get pissed again. Take time to see the re-framing... or have another glass of wine and TV... Here is to numbing the day.


The truth is beginning to come out. Please share this information widely.

Let it be known that Upstream Public Health, co-directed by Mel Rader hired Mark Wiener's PR firm "Winning Mark" to promote their forced-fluoridation agenda.

Wiener is behind Charlie Hales and Mary Nolan's current campaigns. He has also had Mayor Sam Adams and Commissioners Randy Leonard and Dan Saltzman as clients.

Do you smell something fishy?
I will boycott anything with the Mark of Wiener on it! Keep your Wiener out of our water!

The reservoir lid guy just got a job selling flouride?

What did Fish know and when did he know it?

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