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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flocking to their 'dog

No fewer than nine players in our charity pro football underdog game have decided to fly with the birds over the bay tonight:

7.5 SEATTLE at San Francisco - NoPoGuy, Lucas, Michael K., Usual Kevin, Gordon, genop's gal, Sola, Bad Brad, Drewbob

Brave souls. Good luck to them!

UPDATE, 8:27 p.m.: The Niners win, and so our nine... er... don't.

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Yeah, Jack. Very brave. Tough game to be an offensive lineman or QB for the visitors in SF tonight. Good luck! I really am enjoying the Seahawks this year. Unlimited potential. Bill McDonald had a gracious post earlier today, too.

"Confidence is the magic word..." -- 6-3, presently - Seattle.

And hey, the Seahawks defense is, like, for real!

The Seahawks need to fire their offensive coordinator. You can't keep doing nothing but run plays all day long and wait until 3rd and long to throw the ball. If they know what you are going to do you it's pretty easy to stop you if you have a good defense. I don't think I saw a single pass on 1st and 10.

It's karma, Kevin. Karma from cheating at USC. It's not the OC who's the problem.

Jack's right. On the road mid-season with a rookie QB and a shot at a playoff spot, against a top team that was in the conference championship last season and who's coming off a tough home loss vs. the NY team that beat them in that conference championship game, and you have an excellent defense and the top RB, you run the threads off the ball and only pass when you must. They almost pulled it off. Old war horse, Frank Gore, and SF's OL in the 2nd half, were the difference. And Seattle is a better team for the experience. Don't take your eyes off them. Pete Carroll's juju is a problem, though.

I almost went there

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