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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Finding Nutsy's victim

We had an interesting day yesterday. Got a call from Charlie Burr of the moribund Jefferson Smith mayoral campaign. It seems that one of our readers, in a comment on this blog, had correctly identified the victim of the 1993 assault whose disclosure set off the self-destruction of Smith as a politician. Burr asked us to take the identification down.

It wasn't too hard for the reader to get the name. The copy of the police report that was circulating on the internet had a sending fax number on it that belonged to a company in which a relative of the victim was involved. With a quick check of a free online search service like BeenVerified or 123people, the reader was able to find a company official's female relative who was the right age and once lived in Eugene. The call from Burr confirmed that the reader's sleuthing had reached the right result.

We thought for a while about leaving the comment up -- which would probably worsen Smith's insoluble problems somewhat -- but then decided to join the mainstream media and leave her name out if it.

But we will say this: As we understand it, she is currently married to a Portland police officer. Old Nutsy is lucky that he didn't get his family jewels shot off when he showed up at her house unannounced last week. Especially the second time.

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He went there TWICE?

Thanks for the explanation, Jack.

That helps explain why the PPB was so quick to throw in with the PFB when they pulled Nutsy's endorsement.

Hopefully, the victim can sit down with Laural Porter or Tracy Barry the day after the ballots are mailed. Or even a radio interview with Lars or Victoria Taft.

With or without her full participation in revealing Nutsy's delusions of adequacy for this position, he's toast.

And I LOATHE both Charlie Hales and Charlie Burr, so it pains me to see Portland's condo/trolley/bike mania will continue unabated for another decade. Burr should have realized he picked the wrong horse when Wiener hired Hales (not the other way around).

Oh well, at least I don't live there anymore.

He went there TWICE?

Yep. Once to talk to her, and again to leave a dramatic, handwritten note.

Charlie Burr was in the Oregonion recently complaining about "the tone" Charlie Hales had when an endorsement went to Jefferson Smith.

The tone? What kind of tone does it set to show up at 8 a.m. in the morning and scare a woman you've previously sent to the hospital with a punch?

When is Charlie Burr going to show some integrity and cut Jefferson Smith loose?

Could you explain your decision to basically post a recipe for how to find her name? What was the point of that? To encourage everybody else to do it too?

I guess if you thought the main point of leaving her name out of it was a step to protect Jefferson Smith, that would explain your decision, but I thought people were leaving her name unstated to protect her from being dragged into a very public argument that she did nothing to provoke.

Her point of view is being expressed by her lawyer. Clearly that's the way she wants it for now. It seems disrespectful to "out" her.

So, how long has she been married to the 'officer'? Any 'prior' marriage(s)? As a guess (astro-wise), hired mouthpiece probably is better public optics factor whereas personal media appearance(s) could do the worst (loss of sympathy).
The converse of the Miss OregoNOT case.

From: NightmaresFearFactory.COM

The Internet as Political Lie Detector, by Tim Karr, CommonDreams.ORG, October 13, 2012

As I've explained, this person's identity is a poorly kept secret. I've taken her name off my site, but the cat is out of the bag.

Recipe? If you don't mind - how old are you? Have you been using networks very long? It's not a "recipe" - it's readily-available content that is widely available, and it doesn't take any particular expertise to find.

The host here and I have had our share of friendly disagreements over the years, but as he noted - this cat's been out of the bag for a while, and your condemnation is way off base.

The lady in question is probably safer with folks knowing who she is.
The neighbors can keep a neighborhood watch out for the 6'5" guy lurking around the block, hanging around the corner waiting to "talk to" this woman again.
I would be filing more restraining and no contact orders if I were her.
And were I Jeffy's wife I'd be talking to a divorce lawyer. He is truly dangerous.

I wish when he came visiting the second time her husband had given Jeffy an idea of what it's like to deal with a grown man who can handle himself, rather than Jeffy's typical targets of (1) women, (2) the family jewels, and (3) guys smaller than him in rec soccer/basketball leagues. The only reason he showed up a second time was to coerce (through persuasion, fear, or whatever else) this woman to keep her mouth shut regarding the incident in Eugene. That is disgusting behavior.

I am well aware meeting violence with more violence is a losing proposition. But as someone whose girlfriend was a victim of physical abuse before we were together, I've seen the long term damage that can do, and it makes me shake with anger when I think about it. Jefferson Smith is a bad human being. His initial reaction to this coming out was to try and find the woman and get her to keep her mouth shut, then to lie/line up friends to lie about what happened that night. This man has no regard for other people. Anyone is expendable if they are in the way of his coronation. At least Hales is your run of the mill politician, Smith (and the SamRands to varying degrees) is out there to ruin lives.

In my experience, once you get a phone number or an address, and another piece or two of relevant information, it's usually pretty simple to identify and track someone down via the internet. The issue here is the female victim was forced to take defensive actions that made her vulnerable to identification and having her privacy invaded, as a result of contact from someone who had promised to stay away from her decades previously. That’s kind of scary. This would not have happened if the supposedly now wise and mature Smith's fist hadn't run into her front door (first intrusion) and if his thumb hadn't attached the saccharine note (second intrusion). Then there is the third intrusion, where Jeffy’s campaign confirmed the now deleted comment had correctly identified the victim. What’s next? That Jefferson guy was, is and always will be a self-serving lout. God, he should stop equivocating, drop his pathetic defense, and just leave her alone.

What gets my attention beyond the fact that he is a bad person is that his Daddy and StepMommy keep enabling and encouraging him to move upward and onward. Of course his Blue friends see no wrong in his present and past behavior.

I'd say she has grounds for a TRO

The fault here lies with whoever sent out the fax with her relative's company's name and fax number on it. Once you release information like that, you have no right to expect it to be kept secret.

She actually is not eligible for a restraining order in Oregon. I've been through this... the law is really messed up. These are the only people that can get a TRO:
• a current or former spouse;
• an adult related by blood, marriage or adoption;
• someone you are living with or have lived with in the past;
• someone you have been in a sexually intimate relationship with, within two years immediately preceding the filing of a restraining order petition under; or
• someone you had a child with.

The only option available to her is possibly a stalking order, which is much more difficult to get because they are not temporary, and follow a person for life.

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