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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Election porn is here

The mailman had quite a handful for us on Friday: our annual property tax bill, our ballots in the upcoming election, and some last-minute glossy brochures from a politician and groups pushing two ballot measures.

Here's an informative one. Give tax money to the opera! It will help little black children:

Then there's the library district. The literature from these folks is always mildly comical. They display photos of library patrons, some of whom weren't told their likenesses would be used in a political campaign. Some may even be voting no.

And it's a lot like "Where's Waldo?" You try to find the adult white male. This time around, there are no adult males, period:

And then there's Kate Brown, touting what appears to be her one and only major newspaper endorsement:

She also tries slinging mud at her opponent, but he's so new to politics, all she has is some fluffy peat moss:

And of course, there's this gal. She's been wheeled out so many times this election cycle that she's become the Starbucks of political endorsements:

If we had only 16 days to live, we'd want it to be now. Because this next couple of weeks are going to take forever.

Comments (20)

Is that the same Barbara Roberts who stank so bad that her own party wouldn't re-elect her?

Your mail roundup captured everything that is washing many of us right down the drain, from property taxes to misguided campaign ads.

Really odd that no one is seeking Sam Adam's endorsement.

Pom Mom of LO: The Arts Tax is Sam Adams' baby, and they are not denying paternity.

It still boggles my mind that the "for the children" bleat is still the weapon of choice every time the government wants more property tax tribute. And while not universal, Barbara Roberts being for someone/something usually means it's a bad idea.

Has anyone besides me noticed the large number of non-election public service-type display ads there now seems to be around town for the library?

Yesterday I saw several ads on Tri-Met vehicles (bus and rail) and a couple of bus stop benches. They all looked similar to what Jack posted but had messages like "the library works for me" or "I got my education at the library" or some such.

Seems fishy to me.

Brown got the Mercury endorsement based on reflexive fear of all Republicans. Not that they qualify as a major paper.

Adding voting booths would not dismantle vote by mail. One could add same day registration (amendment to OR Constitution needed) with voting booths inexpensively. Picking up a ballot there would be cheaper than mailing everybody ballots and a registration card. Registration could be filled out on the outside envelope, too, without adding voting booths; you know, where you certify your residence address (like Hales did).

Brown's new signature gathering rules also apply to volunteer signature gathering, too, in most cases. I had an entire petition of four hundred signatures thrown out due to a technicality based on an unpublished interpretation of the word "attached" that restricted it to a staple (clipboard attachment was not allowed). All collected by a single volunteer. They assumed they were collected illegally after counties had already verified all signatures. We turned around and paid gatherers and qualified anyways, to make the deadline. Their rules didn't seem to stop using paid signatures, but the volunteer was completely stopped.

She is destroying our democracy. Time for change.

She won't even hold Charlie Hales to account. I refiled my complaint, however, and I did get a response that they have received it. No rejection letter yet and it has been three weeks, so maybe there is an investigation this time? They cannot discuss open investigations so maybe this stalling is a way to avoid the issue again. I wonder how long they can sit on it.

Probably forever but at least until after the election.
The state of giving passes to "certain" ones is like a clique in high school
and needs to grow up.
Thank you for your work in pursuing this.

I thought it telling in the last election when the O interviewed Roberts about Palin. (Who, by the way, I think is a dope...) Roberts made the vaguely sinister comment "She's a stranger to me." She couldn't just say "I dont know her, I've never met her."

Know what Babs? The population of Alaska is 722,718. I know two people that live there. So 722,716 of them are "strangers" to me too. Election fatigue is setting in, I can't wait for this to be over.

This state has been Wu'd by so many Democrats over the years, their names and gender hardly matter.

She's a Democrat: she will be re-elected unless she's incarcerated/hospitalized first. Even then, she would still win the election if her staff is able to embargo news of the arrest until November 7th.

She's the Jesse Jackson, Jr. of Oregon.

The whole library "unstable funding crisis" is completeley manufactured. The library's budget has increased almost every year since 1999. As WWeek pointed out, they have one of the largest budgets in the country. Even if you believe they lack the funds to remain open on Mondays you'd have to ask yourself why they didn't ask for a higher levy in May. They've done so for every other levy renewal. Obviously they didn't because it would have hurt the library district narrative.

When Kate Brown says her opponent believes in one set of rules for everyone else and another set of rules for himself, this sounds like her.
she goes on to say of her opponent . . .and no experience in the critical tasks
a secretary of state must accomplish. . .

In my opinion, I consider newcomers a plus, the only way to begin cleaning
a "musty room" that has been ignored and/or overlooked. We need a change in city council as well, Charlie is more of the same, only change there is he likes to be a change agent and did plenty of that changing our good codes and process and rezoning entire neighborhoods that created negative results. Back to Kate Brown, doesn't look like she had the "critical task" needed when she hired our current election's director.

I had a pollster show up at my door a week or two ago here in Salem. He was from some group with democracy and workers in the name I think. He had his little ipad with my name listed on the screen and asked me about who I was voting for on state rep and secretary of state, along with what I thought was the primary issue of the day.

If I was asked, I would say inept and/or corrupt elected officials.
Betrayal of our country, our constitution and laws, and the people.

They all looked similar to what Jack posted but had messages like "the library works for me" or "I got my education at the library" or some such.

Well, the library does work for me. :)

Have there been any surveys done on satisfaction with the library? I think most people I speak to would agree with this. The library is one of the more respected and utilized public institutions around here.

The mayoral mailings include all the white males you need. (Said with a smile.)

Barbara Roberts' endorsement polls as quite persuasive, I've heard, especially among older, women, Democratic and gay voters. Put those all together, and you cover a whole lot of the electorate.

That's why Judge Baldwin has promoted Gov. Roberts' endorsement in his race against Nena Cook, who smoked him in the primary, I presume largely on the strength on the women's vote.

You might well argue that the Governor is diluting her brand's power by letting too many folks advertise her endorsement, though.

How many hundreds of thousands dollars is it the Multnomah County Library Director receives as an annual salary? She received more money as a new hire than the person she replaced. For some reason, it just doesn't seem work that same way for the working class - be it a public or private sector job. Maybe it has something to do with why taxes are rising faster than wages.

smoked him in the primary

We'll see how they do head to head.

"She's [Kate Brown] a Democrat: she will be re-elected unless she's incarcerated/hospitalized first."

I'm hoping and betting you are wrong. Just this beautiful opportunity-time once.

you forgot this ultimate porn: http://ouroregon.org/sockeye/blog/halloween-comes-early
Women's Voters Guide... my a**

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