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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Earl the Pearl vs. Jack Roberts over taxes

Meeeeeeoowwww! It's here and then here.

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Standard Bluemanure - Everyone who disagrees with Earl is an idiot or liar for not recognizing what genius Earl is.

Beautiful. Roberts lays out a plan and asks if it's possible to have an honest policy discussion anymore, and Blumenauer accuses him of deliberately obfuscating and calls him Exhibit A as to why we cannot. I think he got that one exactly backwards.

Does Blumey still want to be Mayor of Portland? He did a few years ago. He has a peevish nature and seems to be tired. I'm sure he would take on none of the hard stuff; he was more interested in the entrenched players and the pretty and silly stuff.

I expect he's mainly playing to the Blue Oregon crowd. Maybe regretting he didn't pick this year to make his re-entry.

For those of you who were sleeping in 1986, that’s when it all started downhill. http://toomuchonline.org/the-landmark-tax-reform-that-fizzled/

I thought Earl's rebuttal was pretty tame, as was Jack's in the comments. And Earl is right, at least this time. Drink!

Remember a few years back when Earl started weeping for the TV cameras when he said he wouldn't run for mayor?

When the votes are counted, it will be interesting to see what percentage of the votes Bluemanure actually got. I'll bet it isn't that great. Next time he will loose.

Ya just can't believe a car hater like Earl. He is a wealthy political mouth piece that is more than willing to take what ever he can abscond with from the government in government funds which includes his freeloading bicycle agenda where he can personally escape paying for the transport infrastructure he utilizes.

I think psychologists call it "projection."

In a political sense, it means vehemently accusing your opponent and his allies of allegedly engaging in the sort of scummy tactics that you and your allies are actually engaging in.

Seems to work. All too often.

Um... Yeah, Chuck already said it. But, Earl is in fact completely correct here, and (while I often really appreciate his articles) Roberts is way off base. His ignoring capital gains rates in his original article was notable immediately, and Earl spot on to call him out. Roberts later claim that 'well of course he'd have to raise capital gains rates' goes directly against what Romney has been saying this entire campaign. It is, in fact, on Romney's website: "Maintain current tax rates on interest, dividends, and capital gains" @http://www.mittromney.com/issues/tax

Hate the messenger, not the message. Ol' Blue is right. This time.

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