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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dunthorpe, here we come

Spies tell us that they're planning to close off a long stretch of Terwilliger Boulevard between Lake O. and Palatine Hill Road for a sewer construction project. From this document, it appears that unofficial detours could be through the groovy Dunthorpe section. But all the civic-minded neighbors down that way won't complain. Maybe Little Lord Paulson will set up a lemonade stand for the diverted motorists, who will finally get to see where their "urban renewal" taxes wind up. It would be a lot of fun for us little people to watch.

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If he does set up a lemonade stand, he better damn well have a permit.

a permit

Ha. That house is in one of the lawless, tribal regions of unincorporated Clackistan.

I thought it was unincorporated Multnomah.

When the City of Portland is involved, one has to wonder what this sewer construction project is really all about?

There's no mention of bike lanes. It must be a forgery.

I thought it was unincorporated Multnomah.

I believe the county line is a few houses north of the princely manse.

With the occasional closures on OR-43 at the Sellwood Bridge (only one lane open most of yesterday and today), this is IMHO a terrible time to mess with Terwilliger.

They probably just didn't coordinate, but that's bad enough.

Two more votes for Charlotte Lehan.

Just saw that OR-43 will be closed intermittently at the Sellwood Bridge again tomorrow, this time for moving electrical lines.

This is going to go on for quite a while to come... is it really a good time to close the best alternate route?


If he sets up a lemonade stand, will we have to supplement the concession workers' salaries?

Here's a link to the project listed on the COP website. It appears construction would run from February through August of next year. This project is supposedly done to eliminate a "private" pump station.


Jack, backed-up traffic could affect your commute to L & C. Macadam may also bear the brunt of a lot of additional traffic.

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