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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dry enough for ya?

They're talking about assigning names to winter storms now. But they're arguing about who should do it. It seems that this year there will be dueling names.

Forget about storms for the moment, though. Right now we're in a major drought here in the Pacific Northwest. Droughts should get names, too. Here at bojack.org StormCenter 9000.2, we're designating the current lack of precipitation Amanda -- the first drought of the season.

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Perhaps Randy will become our State Storm Name Assignor as I can't think of anybody more asinine.

Perhaps this is an opportunity to mock our elected 'leaders'?

Perhaps that is what Jack's first name Amanda is about?

After all, mocking the leaders is one of the best and only strategies left for Portland.

Amanda makes sense. Climate definitely on the Fritz.

Get ready, the Admiral will shortly order all residents to conserve water, no toilet flushing, no car washing, etc. In a few months he will make the statement, due to the water conservation we need to raise water rates to cover our operating expenses, you folks just didn't use enough water.

QUIET, all of you!!!! I remember the drought days of the '80s when water conservation was like gospel. Pretty soon we're going to have to worry about a water shortage because all of the Earth's water vapor is headed south resulting in the RECORD-BREAKING ICE CAP over the antartic pole and it must be global warming...no, climate change...no...POLAR EXTREMITY SYNDROME!

But, no, won't a drought keep the millions of climate refugees from coming to Portland?

Amanda makes sense. Climate definitely on the Fritz.

Funny, I thought he was taking a swipe at the US Attorney.

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