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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drunk Timbers killer, fugitive to plead

Whatever sentence she and her partners in crime get on Monday, it won't be enough for some of us.

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I may be in the minority here, but I/don't think a lengthy prison sentence is e best option for this woman. If we are short on prison beds and have limited funds for the criminal justice system - I'd rather have the slot go to someone who is a graver threat to society. House arrest, community service etc.

Throw the book at 'em.

Here's a person who decided it was o.k. to go to a ballgame, get ripped, drive home drunk, hit somebody, drive off leaving them to die, hide the car, try to cover up the damage, and run out of the country to avoid prosecution. A long, long prison term to somebody who has done all that sends a message to everyone.

5years. Out in 4 if she's mother Teresa while in jail, plus probation/suspended sentence, lifelong, vis a vis drinking and driving. Any future DUI puts her back in jail for 20 to life. This will probably not be the outcome. Instead, it will be 8 years in jail, and we all pray to the queen of peace the day she walks free to drink and drive again.

I'm not in the habit of defending Timber's Fans, Little Lord Paulson, or drunk drivers. I have no doubt that she deserves the latter label. I wonder if it's fair to call her a "Timbers Killer" given that it happened away from the stadium and her apparent lack of any affiliation with the team?

Ted Bundy probably drank a few Rainer Beers in his time, but he wasn't the Rainer Beer Killer.

I am not for sure if it is fair, but I knew who he was talking about right away.

Beyond jail time for Ms. Chavez I want to see jail time for those who took deliberate action to cover up the crime and delay/risk apprehension of the suspect. What is wrong with those people?

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