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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Did Moneybags Frohnmayer overcharge state by $300K?

According to WW's always juicy "Murmurs" column:

That’s the investigation into how a state contract business was steered to a partnership owned in part by Cylvia Hayes, Gov. John Kitzhaber’s companion. During the investigation, the Eugene law firm of Harrang Long represented Mark Long, Energy’s interim director, who was cleared of wrongdoing. The firm has served the state with an $871,000 legal bill.... Department of Justice attorneys told a judge the billings — by Bill Gary ($450 per hour) and former University of Oregon President Dave Frohnmayer ($550 per hour) — were excessive and the state should pay no more than $100,000. Last week, however, a Marion County judge awarded Harrang Long $562,569.

By our math, that's a $300,000 haircut.

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Stock brokers can't "churn the account." I always wondered why lawyers aren't held to the same standard.

David, you gotta be kidding.

562.5K for what basically amounts to a long letter. As far as I recall there weren't multiple depositions or long days in a trial that went on for weeks and weeks. Essentially they summarized a bunch of tape recording and witness interviews. My bet is that they had associates or U of O law clerks write most of it and they essentially played role of editor in chief. Was there even an administrative hearing? This is what you would expect for the defense of a professional athlete accused of double homicide by a super star criminal defense attorney as opposed to that of a mid-level bureaucrat accused of official misconduct. What really sucks is that all of little people are paying for it.

I meant to say "all of US little people" are paying for it.

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