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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Death rattle in North Plains

The poor people who live in North Plains, Oregon have been complaining for almost a year now about the hideous stink that was dropped onto their town with no advance warning by the City of Portland's insane food composting program. Their cries have not gone unnoticed, but the politicians and the characters who run the compost dump are shining them on with one platitude after another. The place reeks to high heaven, and the official response is, "Is it really that bad? Maybe we can try harder to do something about it."

The latest round of blowing-off was this week at the Washington County commission. The story is recounted here:

In the end, the commission directed county staff to form a committee of Recology and North Plains officials to develop a solution that could include setting objective standards for measuring offensive odors.

"I think we’re leaning toward extending the permit with conditions, so lets pull together a team and see what it can come up with," said County Chair Andy Duyck.

In other words, neighbors, call your realtors. Nothing meaningful is going to be done.

It's ironic that Portland is destroying a place like North Plains. Portland is also destroying itself from within, with soulless apartment bunkers, all on the premise that high-density infill in the city is the only way to save the character of outlying rural areas. But then, in the name of "green," the city knowingly destroys the character of an outlying rural area. And the coprolite specimen running Portland washes his hands of the whole mess and blames it on the faceless Goldschmidt bobbleheads at Metro.

Sorry, North Plains. You've been screwed by the Sam Rand Twins. So have the people in Lents -- so have we all. And you won't be the last -- the folks in Stafford are next, and there'll be more.

We've stopped throwing food slop into our green bin. It's disgusting, and it's not fair to our neighbors who have to live downwind from the stink. We compost vegetable waste in a worm bin, and send the meat and grains to the landfill in Arlington, which doesn't have a problem with them.

Comments (7)

If you can smell it, you must quell it.

Out of compassion for our neighbors, we need to stop this mad program that politicians produced.
Another reason to have a scientist in charge as Mayor.

".. setting objective standards for measuring offensive odors"

Might want to start with the slime coming out of council chambers...

Is this Washington County's equivalent of siting a giant hog farm near pre-existing residents?

Seems like that should deserve some national attention. EPA?

Real compost does not smell bad.

So in addition to lying, buckling to the garbage mafia and screwing the taxpayers, the people at PORTLAND CITY HALL are technically making pollution far worse.

For all of the destruction going on region wide the best thing that could happen is the takeover of Clackamas County, Lake Oswego, Wilsonville and Damascus.

Watch the rats run as the county and it's main cities punch back so hard it will send shock waves across the region.

The despicable gang that has been spreading ruin everywhere
will be facing a public uprising that shuts them all down.

So for the sake of many other battlegrounds make a call to your Clackamas County friends and relatives.

Throw out the current bums. They are wrong and ruinous.

Especially these two.


Simple solution - move the County Courthouse to North Plains and force the commissioners to smell that crap each and every day.

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